Tiny Harris, T.I. Hopeful To Remain Together For Lifetime Despite Cheating Scandal

Prince WilliamsGetty Images

Tiny Harris hopes that by not divorcing T.I. now that things are going good between the two, they will end up being together for a lifetime, according to a report.

The Xscape singer, who filed for divorce back in December 2016, had initially hoped to finalize the divorce within weeks following reports that the rapper had cheated on her with multiple partners.

Tiny Harris had given fans the impression that she was definitely going to pull through with plans to end the marriage and move on with her life, but as time went by, it seemed apparent that the feelings the duo share for one another still hadn’t gone away.

T.I. was alleged to have been extremely apologetic for his behavior and how he had treated the mother of his children, and after a lengthy conversation together, Tiny, over the summer, had wanted to see whether she could be a reconciliation work between the two.

It turns out that the reunion is working rather well, with T.I. being in a completely different mindset that has proven to Tiny her husband is serious in staying committed to the 42-year-old.

Hollywood Life reveals that Tiny Harris has made no plans to move forward with the divorce plans, with insiders stressing that the paperwork is still with their lawyers but neither of them is moving forward with the process.

Eventually, the paperwork will be viewed as being invalid and evidently enough the divorce case will be tossed out, and that seems to be what Tiny is currently hoping for because she’s completely satisfied with T.I. and where they are both at in their relationship right now.

The “Whatever U Like” hitmaker has been attending a handful of concert dates on the Xscape tour to support his wife.

A previous report had claimed that Tiny Harris and T.I. are having the best sex of their life, and it almost seems that the break they took from one another did both of them so good because it has only strengthened their marriage.

From the way things are looking, Tiny Harris will not pull through with her initial divorce plans.