Selena Gomez Not Breaking Up With Justin Bieber After Alleged Fight From NYE Trip

Michael KovacGetty Images

Selena Gomez isn’t breaking up with Justin Bieber despite having gotten herself into a minor argument with her boyfriend following their return from Cabo San Lucas.

The couple decided to jet out of Los Angeles to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere warmer than LA with a couple of their closest friends, and while their vacation went rather smooth, it wasn’t until they had returned to the US where things got a little tense.

It’s unclear what the couple was alleged to have been arguing about but sources tell Hollywood Life that they definitely bumped heads with one another on the tarmac as they arrived at the LAX airport together.

Fans feared that the argument the twosome reportedly had would consequently lead to Selena Gomez breaking up with the singer, with thousands of people taking to social media, wondering if this was the end of their plans to spend the rest of their lives together.

In September, when the couple first reconciled, sources had claimed that Selena and Justin both knew that they were soulmates and that whoever they ended up seeing, the connection would never be as strong as the one they share between one another.

With that said, however, arguments are still bound to occur, and the one they reportedly had earlier this week was just one of them.

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that even though there was a lot of back and forth going on between the two, whatever happened as they arrived at the airport in Los Angeles didn’t affect their relationship in any sort of way.

In fact, one day after their supposed argument, Selena Gomez and Justin were photographed hitting up a pilates class together, and they looked far from tense to be around one another.

The publication insinuates that Selena and Justin probably needed time to cool down from the argument and supposedly spent the night apart, but everything was good between the duo once they met up for the pilates session.

News of Selena Gomez not breaking up with Justin after their brief argument comes just weeks after sources had claimed that the singer and her beau were actively looking to purchase a home together.