‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: More Facts About Faison, Spinelli Finds Shocking Lead, Finn A Murderer?

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General Hospital spoilers tease there will be a lot of excitement following the thrilling encounter during the New Year. Finn (Michael Easton) will end up in the hospital after he tries to take down Cassandra (Jessica Tuck). Anna (Finola Hughes) will try to ask Finn to tell her everything he remembers from the beginning until the end. Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) talked to Anna and told her about Cassandra. However, she did not reveal all the details including Cassandra’s condition. It is yet to be revealed if the vicious woman lived or died. Needless to say, Finn might own up to killing Cassandra is she died during their encounter. It’s also clear Finn is showing signs of withdrawal.

Speaking of the General Hospital, spoilers tease Nathan will also be on his way to the hospital. He will ask Amy about Cassandra’s condition. This happens to be one hint that Cassandra is still alive although she might be in a critical condition. Things might become complicated if Cassandra dies, but there’s still a chance that Finn will remember something important to wash himself of Cassandra’s possible demise.

Meanwhile, Lulu will smell a story involving Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) who turns up at the police station. General Hospital spoilers tease She will use all the skills at her disposal, but she will not get the scoop she wants. However, it seems like it will only be a matter of time before Lulu figures out what is going on.


Lulu proved she is a great journalist, and she might uncover what happened to Valentin and his involvement with Cassandra. Needless to say, Valentin might end up in trouble especially if Cassandra dies. There’s still the mystery of what happened to Cassandra and given his involvement in the story. General Hospital spoilers hint Valentin might have to answer to the authorities about everything that transpired.

Different Means, One End

Drug drama aside, General Hospital spoilers tease the twins Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) will hear promising news from Spinelli. More details on Jason’s missing years will come to light, and according to Soap Hub, all of Spinelli’s leads might be traced back to one person. Faison’s mark will be all over the mind mapping study, and these clues might help the twins answer all their questions.


In the coming months, Jason will struggle with losing Sam who will ask for a divorce. Meanwhile, Drew has to deal with his lost memories and accept the fact that he is not Jason. There will be a lot of drama headed for the brothers, and Sam will deal with her own doubts too. General Hospital spoilers suggest heartbreaking revelations and more intrigue in the upcoming weeks.