Tiny Harris, T.I. Romantic Nights After Xscape Shows — She Reportedly Calls Off Divorce

Paras GriffinGetty Images

Tiny Harris is having the time of her life with her husband, T.I., whom she’s been having amazing sex with while on the road with Xscape, it has been claimed.

The singer, who reunited with her fellow bandmates for their comeback tour, is having an incredible amount of success with her career and apparently, her love life couldn’t be doing better either.

It was just a little over a year ago when Tiny Harris had filed for divorce from the rapper, insisting that he had cheated and that she wasn’t going to tolerate the disrespect any longer.

The duo decided to part ways for half a year before deciding to reconcile with the exception that T.I. would stay committed to Tiny Harris and that he would actively try to be more supportive of her decision to return to the music industry.

And from the way it looks, the rapper has proven himself to have gone above and beyond on both rules, seeing that he’s been showing up to Tiny Harris’ concert dates on multiple occasions.

When T.I. is free, he makes sure to attend an Xscape show, and according to Hollywood Life, he’s always mesmerized when he sees his wife on stage, performing some of her classic songs with her group members.

A source continued to tell the publication that he’s totally turned off by Tiny’s choreographed dance moves and can never wait to get her back to their hotel room — they sex is said to be amazing between the two right now.

While T.I. and Tiny Harris were in such a bad space this time last year, they are happy to have found their way back into each other’s lives, and the supposed fact that things are going so great between them right now proves to Tiny was calling off the divorce was the right decision.

Once the Xscape tour comes to an end, Tiny Harris plans on reviving her music career by releasing brand new music with her group members, aside from Kandi Burruss who is occupied with her Broadway obligations.

Tiny Harris is said to be happier than ever before, and now that things are working out with T.I., there’s nothing she can complain about.