Selena Gomez’s Mother Reportedly Gives Up On Justin Bieber Feud, Family Divided By Relationship

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Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, is done fighting with her daughter about her relationship with Justin Bieber, it has been alleged.

Mandy was said to have been hospitalized last month after another argument with the singer that surrounded itself with her decision to take Justin back after all the things that he’d allegedly put her through.

It goes without saying, as revealed by Radar Online, that Selena Gomez’s family is very much against the idea of her staying in a committed relationship with Justin, regardless of what Bieber may have told the singer.

From their understanding, Justin is a changed man and has dedicated the majority of his time to his religion, but in the eyes of Selena’s family, they have yet to see a significant change in Bieber’s behavior.

Regardless of whether he has changed, the fact is that Justin allegedly put Selena Gomez through hell, and they are holding him to blame for some of the downfalls that the “Come & Get It” hitmaker went through while she was in a relationship with him.

Now that Selena Gomez is actively working on new music and is said to be in a positive mindset, the last thing Mandy wants is for her daughter to relapse and find herself back in rehab over something that Justin did.

While Teefey tried her hardest to convince Selena Gomez that getting back with Justin was a mistake, the former Disney Channel star has refused to listen, and instead of going back-and-forth on the topic, Mandy has chosen to let it go.

Sources tell Radar Online that Mandy cherishes her relationship with Selena too much to have the Justin Bieber romance get in the way of the bond that they share together.

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She doesn’t approve of the relationship, and that’s solely because of the things she knows about the Biebs that have happened in the past, regardless of whether he’s now a changed man or not.

At this point, however, if Selena Gomez is that in love with Justin and thinks he has changed his ways, Mandy has no option but to accept the fact that her daughter won’t be distancing herself from the “Love Yourself” star anytime soon.

She feels that by continuously arguing with Selena Gomez over Justin, it’s not going to make her want to break up with him, so she’s choosing to let her daughter make her own decisions when it comes to the relationship.