Kylie Jenner Allegedly Hates Being Fat During Pregnancy; Embarrassed To Be In ‘KUWTK’ Photos, Says Source

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kylie Jenner hates being fat during pregnancy, a new report has claimed.

The reality star, who is expecting her first child in February, is said to be struggling with the thought of continuously gaining weight as she’s gearing up for the birth of her baby next month.

For the past couple of months, Kylie Jenner has chosen to hide away from photographers, which sources, via Radar Online, claim is solely because of the fact that she feels heavier than ever before.

The last thing Kylie would want is to be photographed looking anything but flattering.

All of her Instagram photos are of her flaunting her slim figure with her alleged surgically-enhanced buttocks, so there’s no way Jenner would want to be seen looking anything but the image she portrays to her fans online.

During the Christmas period, Kylie Jenner’s family were seen taken dozens of photos from the family gathering party they held in Calabasas, California at Kris Jenner’s home, but Kylie was notably absent from the majority of them.

The only time Jenner was willing to pose for a photo was with Christina Aguilera, and even then, she would only show her face, noticeably hiding her baby bump.

Supposedly, the 20-year-old has been bombarding friends with questions about what they think about her fuller figure. She’s grown to be rather insecure about her weight and is asking others whether she’s looking too heavy.

It doesn’t help to know that Kylie Jenner has been indulging on a serious amount of cravings ranging from all sorts of junk food, which has only added to her frustration with the weight she’s gained in the last couple of months.

Family members have assured her that she looks fine and that gaining weight during pregnancy is totally normal, but Kylie Jenner can’t won’t accept it, the insider stresses. She’s labeling herself as fat and is said to be looking forward to giving birth so that she can work on getting her body back in shape.

Last month, it was alleged that Kylie Jenner was already considering the idea of going under the knife to lose her baby weight in a drastic manner, having complained even then that she was extremely bothered by her fuller figure.