June 7, 2017
Kanye West GoFundMe Account Is Active And Growing -- Fans Donate While Making Fun Of Rapper, Advertising Their Own Businesses

It looks like some are taking Kanye West's debt woes to heart and set up a GoFundMe account for the rapper. Kanye revealed in a bizarre (even for Kanye) series of tweets that he is $53 million in debt. Then West went so far as to ask Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ideas. What ideas, you might ask? Well, Kanye wasn't exactly clear on what he wanted Zuckerberg to invest in, just his ideas. Then West was sure to remind everyone that he was the greatest of all time and a living legend. That sounds about right for Kanye.

Kanye blames his ideas for making him broke. He said that it was making music and his new clothing line that have the rapper swimming in bills. However, Forbes was quick to point out that maybe if he's so broke, Kanye should back off from his $500 haircuts and the $3 million engagement ring that he put on Kim Kardashian's finger. Speaking of, does this mean that the Kardashians really are out of his league? That would be something.

TMZ already debunked the idea that Kanye West is broke. Although Kanye claims to be in bankruptcy mode, it turns out that he just kept track of how much was spent making the album and the clothing line. Most people call that an investment, and hope to earn their money back after their goods are released. If Kanye didn't think he'd make back that $53 million plus plenty more, then he had no business making his album The Life of Pablo or putting on the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show inside Madison Square Garden.

A man named Jeremy Platt took Kanye's money pleas to heart and decided to use crowdsourcing to help the rapper out. Platt set up a GoFundMe page in Kanye's name on February 15, and it has garnered quite a bit of attention. The petition to save Kanye's bank accounts has been shared 21,000 times now, and has raised $675 of the $54 million goal.

It seems that Kanye West's GoFundMe account is inching up about $5 at a time as fans dig deep in their wallets to contribute to the self-proclaimed greatest of all time. Some are making jokes about Kanye being broke as they throw $5 in the pile, while others are using the GoFundMe as an opportunity to advertise for themselves. Most recently, someone from Deep Elm Records threw a blurb up there about their record company along with a five spot for Kanye. Likewise, Josh Feuerstein even ponied up a whole $10 and instructed Kanye to purchase his wife's album with the donation. For those wondering if Jessica Feuerstein's album is worth a listen, check it out here.

Others jumping on the chance to advertise via Kanye West's GoFundMe donation page include several other artists, an Avon lady, and a brewery called Mad River Barn. Others didn't feel as giving and decided to leave Kanye a few words of wisdom rather than a few dollars. Mike Hannigan posted, "I will leave you zero dollars. You are the biggest j*****f in the world and married to that disgusting pig." After that, he offered to fight Kanye for charity, asking for no money for himself, only the satisfaction of punching Kanye West in the face. We're betting he passes on that offer.

Others offered to set up a fund to get rid of Kanye West. Doug Bjarko wrote, "I would rather take up a collection to never have to see or hear from this pos EVER again." Antonio Acero just wanted his money back from the last Kanye album he bought. He wrote, "First, give me back my $7.99 for that hunk of s**t Yeesus album!" We totally feel you, bro!

Whether you love him or hate him, and lately there have been a lot of haters, Kanye West knows exactly how to get himself into the press and stay there. West might be spouting off some pretty outlandish things lately about being in debt, about his life, his wife, and everything else that he knows. Heck, he's even making a video game to honor his dead mother, Donda West (and his wallet, for sure.) Many may not think that Kanye West is the greatest of all time, or anytime, for that matter. You can't argue that he's really good at getting everyone talking about him, though, and some guy is even fundraising for the rapper who isn't really $53 million in debt. He just spent $53 million.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]