Rod Rosenstein Has Unannounced Meeting With Paul Ryan To Discuss Trump-Russia Investigation

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Wednesday, in what is being described as an unannounced meeting, to discuss the Russia investigation. Rosenstein later left the meeting with a smile on his face, but without answering reporter's questions. Speculation among Twitter pundits is that the meeting concerns Devin Nunes and that the result could be bad news for the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

According to an article in Politico, this Wednesday, January 3, was the deadline, imposed by Devin Nunes, for the FBI to turn over documents relating to what has become known as the Trump dossier, compiled by British agent Christopher Steele. The Justice Department and the Intelligence Committee have been increasingly at odds of late over the handling of the investigation into the Trump administration's connection to Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Devin Nunes has demanded information pertaining to the FBI's handling of the Trump dossier and even threatened to find Rosenstein and Wray in contempt if they refuse to comply. The Justice Department has until midnight on Wednesday to turn over the documents.

The Trump administration and their allies in Congress have increasingly attempted to cast doubt about the veracity of the claims in the dossier, trying to present a picture of it as being politically motivated. It was revealed recently, according to an article in the Washington Examiner, that the original source of funding for the dossier was the Washington Free Beacon, who also provided a significant amount of money to Devin Nunes' campaign.

devin nunes fusion gps
Devin Nunes is demanding documents from the Justice Department but critics say he is involved in a cover up.

On Tuesday, the New York Times published an op-ed by Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the founders of Fusion GPS, the company that hired Christopher Steel and compiled the information that became known as the Trump dossier. In this op-ed, Simpson and Fritsch claim that they have provided more than 20 hours of testimony to the Intelligence Committee that backs up and verifies the claims made in the dossier. Moreover, they claim that the Republicans on the committee, including Devin Nunes, have chosen to release portions of said testimony to the press out of context in an effort to discredit their company and the dossier. Simpson and Fritsch make the bombshell charge that these Republicans are deliberately engaging in a cover up for the Trump administration. The two men have called on the House Intelligence Committee to release the full transcript of their testimony so that the public can judge for themselves.

Pundits on Twitter have been quick to weigh in on what they think the meeting was about and what the ramifications might be. Some have even jumped in to speculate that it could involve a case of criminal obstruction against Nunes and might ultimately lead to his resignation.

Andrew Janz, who is Devin Nunes Democratic opponent for the congressional seat in California's 22nd district, tweeted that he is eagerly watching the news for some sign of Nunes' fate.
The latest news is that Devin Nunes has released a statement that he has spoken to Deputy AG Rosenstein and has reached an agreement with the Justice Department for them to grant access to all the documents and witnesses that the House Intelligence Committee has requested.