Lea Michele Hits The Beach In A Skimpy Bikini [Photos]

The New Year is treating Lea Michele and Cory Monteith well. The two Glee lovebirds took an exciting trip to Hawaii after the new year began to bask in the warmth of the sun. Lea Michele also decided to let the world see just how hot and steamy Hawaii can get by tweeting pictures of herself in a skimpy little bikini, showing off her dancer’s body (Photos Below)

The two Glee co-stars have been dating since February of last year and have been getting more and more open about their relationship. Recently Michele has been quoted as saying that she is so happy with Monteith that she could not imagine not being with him.

On December 29th Michele tweeted out:

As the vacation progresses she is continuing to let eveyone know how great the couple are doing tweeting:

Glee is scheduled to make a return to the screen later in January. In the show Monteith and Michele have been playing an on again and off again couple since the show started. Many “Gleeks” are anxiously awaiting word as to whether the couple will be making a comback together or whether they are going to permanently go their seperate ways.

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