January 3, 2018
'Big Brother' Spoilers: Cody Nickson Calls Out Paul And Raven In Hilarious Reddit AMA

Big Brother spoilers these days are all about Celebrity Big Brother, but there's still controversy coming out of the last season and BB19's Cody Nickson is bringing the heat. Cody and his BB showmance partner, Jessica Graf, are still going strong and are competing in The Amazing Race. He's also been doing public appearances with Jessica and revealed they're still under contract with CBS. But this week, Cody took a moment out of his busy schedule to roast other BB19 houseguests in a hilarious Reddit AMA.

Cody's Monosyllabic AMA Was a Riot

Big Brother fans seemed to enjoy Cody's short and brutally honest responses to their questions, judging by the appreciative comments they shared with the former Marine on Reddit. Here's a look at some of the highlights from the AMA. Cody gave a hilarious single word answer about whether he ever had any interest in Raven Walton. Cody replied simply, "vomit." Redditors told Cody it was the "best answer to any question ever" and another replied "LMAO."

BB Cody was also asked what he thought about Christmas' secret crush on Paul and he said, "gross." Cody revealed that during jury sequester that he hung out with Mark and Elena, but was a third wheel, so he dieted and worked out. When Cody was asked what he thought of Dr. Will, he said, "I don't like him." He was also asked how he felt about Kevin Schlehuber insulting him and said, "Don't care" and Redditors responded with "Most Cody reply of all time."

Infamous Walk Across the Table and DR

Watching Big Brother 19, you should remember Cody's second eviction when he skipped the hugs and marched right across the glass table and out the door. Refresh your memory with the video above. Cody was asked what inspired his "epic tablewalk exit" and he said that he didn't want to wait for "the cripple" (aka Christmas Abbott) to "slowly grab her crutches" and said it was the "convenient route." Redditors told Cody, "dude u are a savage" and said, "you got me dying."

But that wasn't the only time that Cody didn't play by the usual Big Brother rules. He also didn't like taking direction from BB producers. One Redditor told Cody she loved his way of "speaking in the Diary Room" and said it was "opposite the typical over-the-top manner" and asked how production handled it. Cody said that they would ask him to say things again "but with more excitement this time" and said, "I refused." Big Meech from BB18 chimed in and said, "I wish I did this" in reply to Cody.

Losing Minds, Breaking The Tie, And Favorites

Redditors brought up Dominique's remark that people changed once the live feeds activated. Cody said, "Yea, those idiots lost their minds" when the cameras came online. If you recall the Big Brother finale, Cody cast the tie-breaking vote to decide if Paul or Josh Martinez won. Since Cody knew how he voted, that means he knew before other houseguests and viewers that Paul lost. When asked how it felt being the only person who knew the winner for a moment, Cody said it was "very satisfying."

Paul Abrahamian did an AMA Reddit recently and claimed there was a jury pact against him. A couple of days later, during Cody's AMA, he was asked if Paul could have said anything to change his mind and Cody said simply, "Nope." Then, when asked how it felt when he found out he won AFP, Cody said, "I was confused" and credited Jessica with his winning the cash prize. Cody also revealed his BB fave. He was asked who is the "best Big Brother player of all time" and said Evel Dick because "he was himself the whole time, love him or hate him."

Race, Survivor, And Marrying Jessica

A fan asked Cody who was the "most alpha male" in BB19 and he said it was Jessica "but with a vagina and boobs." With tonight's premiere of The Amazing Race, the stoic Marine and Jess are back on TV but doesn't seem interested in a third go-round after TAR. Cody also said they left for the race just five days after the Big Brother 19 finale. Before BB Cody tried out for Survivor and when asked if he would play he said, "Jess wants me to" but added, "being away from her for 45 days is no bueno."

Finally, a Redditor asked if he and Jessica plan to get married and Cody said "yes." You can check out Cody's entire Reddit AMA here. Cody and Jessica came in second place on the first leg of The Amazing Race and it's just one short month before Celebrity Big Brother begins. Check out Perez Hilton's CBBUS casting scoops, the banning of Real Housewives from the cast, and the full schedule so you can set your DVR. Check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.