Ivanka Trump: New Book Claims President Has Weird Relationship With First Daughter, Considers Her 'Real Wife'

Donald Trump continues to "lust" over his daughter, Ivanka Trump and considers her -- not Melania Trump -- his "real wife," this, according to stunning claims made in an explosive new book. The sordid expose is reverberating across multiple media outlets, and one source called the allegations about the president and Ivanka "disgusting, if true."

Michael Wolff is the author of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The veteran journalist wrote a soon-to-be-published bombshell book about Donald Trump's campaign and chaotic first year as President of the United States. According to a report by Newsweek, Wolff wrote the book using a number of interviews with hundreds of people within President Trump's orbit, both from the campaign and his administration.

Among the many shocking claims in the book are statements made by Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who purportedly has a longstanding feud with Ivanka Trump's husband and White House aide, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump, Jr. Bannon allegedly bumped heads with Kushner and Trump, Jr. on several fronts during his time in the White House.

Bannon reportedly described the infamous meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians as "treasonous." Bannon also supposedly said the Mueller investigation into Trump's campaign and possible collusion with Russia involves money laundering. Other excerpts in the sensational book give accounts of Melania Trump's tears -- "not of joy" -- over the news that her husband had somehow won the presidential election, according to a Daily Mail report.

However, another "tidbit" that is gathering steam and raising eyebrows involves Donald Trump's rumored relationship with Ivanka Trump. Sources say that Trump maintains "strange" relationships with two noteworthy women in his life: Hope Hicks, his longtime assistant during his life as a private citizen -- now, his White House Communications Director -- and his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Sources say Donald Trump has odd perceptions about the two women: Apparently, he considers Hicks as a "daughter figure," while he recognizes Ivanka to be his spouse (figuratively, as some Trump supporters opine), the role currently occupied by his third wife, First Lady Melania Trump, according to book excerpts.
"[Hope] Hicks was in fact thought of as Trump's real daughter, while Ivanka was thought of as his real wife."
The president has come under fire in the past for his alleged "inappropriate" comments about Ivanka in various settings. It's widely reported that the billionaire real estate mogul once called Ivanka "hot" and said during a television show that had Ivanka not been his daughter, they would be dating. In a past interview with Howard Stern, at the host's suggestion, Trump agreed that Ivanka was a "piece of a**."

The Washington Press assailed Trump based on Wolff's account of the president's alleged carnal desire for Ivanka Trump.

"It's just the latest example of sexual deviance from a man who has admitted to sexual assault on tape and been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. Donald Trump is a creature without anything resembling a moral spine, who goes after whatever his shriveled little soul desires. He should be lurking in a sewer somewhere, not in the Oval Office."
CNN released a video assemblage of eye-raising comments Donald Trump made about Ivanka Trump over the years. The Press characterized the president's remarks about Ivanka as the "worst" he's ever made of his daughter. The president dismissed the critique on several occasions, saying his comments merely reflect his feelings as a proud father.
Who Is Michael Wolff?

Wolff is a familiar face in New York. As a journalist who reportedly aspires to be a "mogul/tycoon," he is known to hobnob with power brokers at posh restaurants to elicit information about their often-secretive lives.

In 2004, the New Republic wrote that Wolff is an entertainment writer who walks a thin line between facts and imagination. One editor who has a work history with Wolff said, "His great gift is the appearance of intimate access. He is adroit at making the reader think that he has spent hours and days with his subject, when in fact he may have spent no time at all."

It's unclear where Wolff's allegations about Donald Trump's relationship with Ivanka Trumps between truth and commercial appeal.