Naked Workout Classes Starting In NYC Sparks Woes Online Of Seeing Stuff You Shouldn’t See


Anyone who has ever been in the last row of an exercise class can attest to seeing things you shouldn’t have to see staring you in the face, and that is when people are fully covered up, which is how one online comment starts off. Another comment suggests that in a naked workout class, if someone offers him their now empty bike, he would say: “Naw… I’m good.” It sounds as if that is going to be his go-to answer if he ever finds himself in that position.

The naked or nude workout classes at Hanson’s Fitness in New York City start this week, just in time to offer up a little help with your new year resolutions, suggests Fox News. For those of you who are not familiar with Hanson’s Fitness, they are the gym to the stars, like Rihanna, Tyra Banks, and Sandra Bullock.

Starting Friday, January 5, Hanson’s Fitness will have naked workout classes in a variety of different groups. There’s one for only men and one for just women, along with a coed class also being offered. If modesty keeps you from a naked workout in a crowd, you can book private nude workouts with a trainer, so only one person will see you in the buff.

The Facebook page for the gym offers up the benefits to working out in the nude. The picture of the man exercising that is used in their naked fitness campaign is a good example of the view people don’t want to see if they happen to be in the row behind the person. Social media users had a few different angles when approaching this.

The New York Posts suggests that “nude workouts sound like they can get disastrous fast.” But Hanson’s conveys there is nothing to worry about, as the trainers are there to protect people from any unclothed workout mishaps.

Man in naked workout
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Some of the people who commented on the Hanson’s Fitness Facebook page were thrilled about the idea. Others felt it was too far-fetched for them, but conveyed they won’t judge anyone for participating. Then there were those who worried about germs, with one comment spelling out woes over MRSA as a result of all that nakedness.

There were the comments that equated a naked workout to sexual pleasures and sin and comments bashing that comment. One Facebook user said that it’s a “very sad thing that a person can not separate nudity from sexual sin.”

So what are the benefits of a naked workout? Fox News quotes the gym’s advertisement that says: “Exercising in the nude provides a number of benefits, “including skin breathing, the release of endorphins due to Vitamin D from sunlight and complete body awareness so you can see if you’re cheating on your exercise routines.”

Under the Twitter search “naked workout classes,” The Nolan Nation has some sarcastic and funny comments about this naked workout. People questioned everything from personal hygiene to the sights and sounds that may be present for naked exercising.

“One can only imagine the bouncing body parts during jumping jacks.”

“That sounds completely uncomfortable! I cannot imagine a workout without the proper support! Oh, the pain…”

“Sounds like a fun place just to hang!!”

“I am still cracking up over your comment ‘Freckles and Fur'”

“This just seems like a lawsuit ready to happen.”

Just how naked you want to get is up to you, Hanson’s Fitness is fine with people leaving on underwear or sneakers if that is what they prefer. Knowing this, it might just allow some of those who are a bit on the shy side to work into getting completely disrobed for the naked workout classes.