Twitter Goes Crazy As Taco Bell Announces Their Newest $1 Menu Item, Nacho Fries

Joshua BlanchardGetty Images

Taco Bell’s dollar menu is about to get a whole lot more delicious with the announcement of their newest creation.

According to their website, Taco Bell already has a strong list of items on their famed $1 menu. Some of the more popular items on the value menu include the spicy tostada and beefy mini quesadilla. On the sweeter side of the menu, the taco giant also features cinnabon delights as well as one of their best sellers, cinnamon twists.

But it’s Taco Bell’s latest $1 menu item that has sent taco enthusiasts into a tizzy. According to CNN Money, the fast-food chain announced a limited release of their latest menu item, dubbed “nacho fries.” Taco Bell announced that the new item will see a “limited release” starting on January 25.

Teen Vogue reports that in their press release on the Nacho Fries, Taco Bell describes the sliced potatoes as being dusted with seasoning and served with a side of their signature and somewhat spicy nacho cheese dip. The publication also goes on to say that after testing similar fries in select California and West Virginia locations, Taco Bell found that their customers were really digging the fact that they could get fries at a Mexican fast-food joint. Thus, the Nacho Fries will finally be added to the menu.

When the news hit press today, Taco Bells fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for what is soon coming to restaurants across the country. While most users simply stated that they couldn’t wait to taste the fries, others took it to a whole other level, even claiming that the latest menu item is “life-changing.”

“Taco Bell is about to start serving nachofries and my life is about to change for the better.”

“Taco Bell is gonna start selling nacho fries aka french fries with cheese… dreams do come true,” another Tweeter proclaimed.

Thus far, Taco Bell has only sent out a press release on the fries but has remained silent on both their Twitter and Instagram accounts, much to the dismay of fans. However, Taco Bell lovers who have already caught wind of the new menu item are just waiting to see more photos and information on the Nacho Fries to curb their craving for the time being.

For now, you’ll just have to wait until January 25 to get a taste of one of Taco Bell’s most highly anticipated new items.