Duggar Family Accused Of Playing Favorites

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With 19 children in the house, it may be hard not to play favorites, but fans have accused Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of doing just that with their children. According to fans, the Duggar family has clearly overlooked Jordyn and Johannah Duggar, two of the daughters who are on the younger side of the family.

The fans say that Josie Duggar, the youngest of the 19 children, is a true miracle baby as she was born three months premature. Fans of the show will remember all of the issues Josie suffered from during the first years of her life. Her health problems were so serious that the entire family temporarily moved to Little Rock to be closer to her while she was in the hospital there.

Fans roasted Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar for announcing Kendra and Joe’s pregnancy on the same day as Jordyn’s recent birthday, saying that they could have waited an extra day or two to give their younger daughter her chance in the spotlight.

Many also raised their eyebrows over the fact that when the Duggar initially wrote their birthday wishes to Jordyn, it was incredibly generic and didn’t say much about Jordyn personally. However, whoever runs the page (most suspect it is Michelle), went back and added more to the post to make it seem a little more special and personal. However, the Duggar family has often been called out for posting generic sounding birthday wishes to their children.

Fans were also extremely concerned about Jordyn after a video surfaced of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wishing her a happy birthday just before the holidays. The little girl seemed not only embarrassed to be the center of attention but was also shirking away from Michelle when Michelle touched her. Some wondered if this was indicative of abuse or some other equally awful situation.

Those who have been faithful to Counting On will remember that in 2015, it was discovered that Josh Duggar, the eldest child, admitted to having molested five young girls, four of which were his sisters, when he was a teenager. Therefore, many Duggar fans are still on the lookout for signs of abuse.