Beth Chapman Shares Sad, Poignant Post From Daughter Bonnie Jo Chapman

Bonnie penned an emotional Instagram post detailing the hardships of her family's 2017.

Beth Chapman at 2013 CMT Awards
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Bonnie penned an emotional Instagram post detailing the hardships of her family's 2017.

2018 has given the Chapman family a fresh start, who hopefully are leaving cancer behind them. Beth Chapman was declared cancer-free last November after suffering from Stage II throat cancer. Last month, loyal Beth fans wished the bounty hunter a healthy new year and a new start as she prepared to kick off 2018. But fans weren’t the only ones who had touching messages to share with the 50-year-old.

On New Year’s Day, Beth’s daughter Bonnie Jo Chapman shared a very emotional Instagram post detailing the hectic and sad 2017 she had experienced. Beth retweeted the post today, which almost tripled its exposure to her Twitter followers.

Bonnie’s thoughtful post read like a letter, addressed to 2017. She began her caption by explaining the year was full of hardships. The 18-year-old graduated high school, with what she described as being achieved “under immense stress and unrealistic expectations.” According to Bonnie, she faked a smile when she received her diploma and was scared of heading off to college.

After leaving for college, Bonnie lost several lifelong friends who she believed were going to be by her side forever. Losing these friends dramatically dropped her spirits, as it was something she never believed would happen. Within a few weeks of her departure from Hawaii, she was given the devastating news that Beth had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Dear 2017, You were filled with so many hardships. I graduated, under immense stress and unrealistic expectations. I was forced to fake a smile as I accepted a diploma, although I was terrified of the future in college. I was able to come out of my shell even more, raise my voice and express my opinions. I left for college, and because of what was going on around me; it was tougher than I’d like to admit. I lost friends (which I had thought were going to my by lifetime long friends) almost immediately following my move, I had thought it was the end of the world at the time. Two weeks later, the most heartbreaking news hit me, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Balancing my already overflowing emotions, and college classes was difficult. My depression was at its all time high. Stress levels seemed to just keep raising, and even though I had only one exam; stress radiated off of everyone on campus. From all this, I learned so much. I don’t regret anything, life is too short to regret things anyways. I was able to love myself, and gain confidence. The beginning of last year I had gotten my first tattoo, and now I’m up to 3. I was able to balance time, and focus on other things rather than emotions. I was able to meet great people in college, and I’m thankful for my friends that I’ve made this year. I’ve learned that if someone wants to be in your life, they will make an effort to be in it. I’m extremely thankful for the things I’ve learned. Everyone seems to have had a extremely shitty year, and I get it; it’s been terrible. On the bright side, I’ve learned how to make the best out of terrible situations. To a new year, and a new appreciation and perspective. ❣️????

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The combination of leaving home, losing friends, attending college, and dealing with the diagnosis put Bonnie’s depression at “its all time high.”

After recalling the negatives from her 2017, Bonnie then went on to explain she learned so much during the last half of the year and didn’t regret any decisions she had made. She noted she got her first tattoo last year, and two more soon followed. Bonnie made new friends in college and came out better than ever.

Beth’s daughter seemed wise beyond her years in the post, where she concluded 2017 seemed to be a terrible year for just about everyone. Bonnie seemed optimistic at the posts end and appeared ready for a much more fulfilling and happy 2018. Fans began praising Beth for raising such a well-rounded and well-spoken daughter, while others encouraged Bonnie as she heads into 2018.

Bonnie shared the post over to Twitter, which Beth ended up retweeting to her almost 500,000 followers. In addition to fans comments, Beth also commented on the tweet “we love you google head.” As the Inquisitr reported last month, Bonnie was able to spend Christmas with her family in Hawaii. The pair looked like sisters as they posed together by a Christmas tree.