‘Counting On’ Faked! The Duggars Have Reportedly Been Caught Staging Scenes And Hiring Actors

Duggar Family Facebook

It’s common knowledge that reality TV is at least a little fake, but most fans of 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff, Counting On, see the Duggars as an honest family that is not obsessed with fame. So, there is no way they could be like the Kardashians and fake scenes, right? It turns out the Duggars are just like other reality families and have staged scenes and hired actors to appear on the show, and the news of the fakery is rubbing fans the wrong way.

Counting On Fans Call Out The Duggar Family

Per In Touch Weekly, Duggar fans have taken to Facebook to voice their displeasure that the family is fabricating parts of the show.

“You people make me sick!” a fan wrote on Facebook. “Fabrication on episodes to try to get this show off the ground but it’s a futile effort! Stick a fork in the Duggars….they’re done!!”

Another fan wrote that it is too late for the family to dispel the rumors about the controlled Duggar children and the misogynistic life the females live without choice. They added that “transparent and poorly executed attempts” to show the adult Duggar daughters doing anything other than their destiny is lame.

Josiah Duggar Admitted That They Film Scenes More Than Once

According to Cafe Mom, in an interview with TLC, Josiah Duggar pretty much revealed the show is staged. When the interviewer asked him how filming the show has changed the way they live, the 20-year-old had a revealing answer.

He said he enjoyed wedding preparation – which is a plus in a family of 19 kids – and being behind-the-scenes with all the craziness of the family working together. He then added that things are different because when they walk through a door, they sometimes have to do it again because it didn’t go right the first time.

The show actually re-shoots walking through a door, so what else do they stage?

Jinger Duggar Has Filmed Scenes With Hired Actors

Wet Paint reports that a scene from an episode in 2016 featured Jinger Duggar — who just announced she is pregnant with her first baby — selling a car to a man they hired to pretend he was interested in buying the vehicle. An Arkansas woman went on social media to share a screenshot of her friend, Eric, appearing on the show and driving around with Jedidiah Duggar.

When people asked her how her friend got on the show, she replied that a crew member of the show – who was also a friend – invited him to “play the role” of a guy looking to buy a car.

And, the year before, the family allegedly pretended to donate food to a needy family, only to move the box back into their own car once the cameras were off.

Counting On returns to TLC with new episodes in 2018.