Donald Trump Ripped For Weight Gain On Social Media, And Some Folks Aren’t Very Nice

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Donald Trump gets slammed on social media for many things, but today it is personal and a subject that is often uncomfortable to address, especially in public. Over the holidays, Donald Trump and Melania were captured in many photos all dressed up for their various events, but it is the pictures coming out of the Trump’s New Year’s Eve celebration that has started the chatter on Twitter about the president’s weight.

Some folks are being downright nasty, according to comments that Opposing Views is sharing. Others are finding excuses for Trump’s weight gain, chalking it up to the stressful position he now holds as the leader of the nation. Donald Trump’s infatuation with fast food has not been a secret, as this was shared early on when he was still on the campaign trail.

Core Lewandowski, who is Trump’s former campaign manager, recently offered up Trump’s tendency for fast food in a new book he co-authored. He not only shared where Trump likes to get his fast food, but he spelled out what a typical dinner from that fast food place looks like for the president.

One meal for Trump from McDonald’s consists of “two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted,” according to what Lewandowski wrote in his book.

So just what are the folks online saying today? According to Opposing Views, it is the pictures of Trump in his tuxedo from New Year’s Eve that folks jumped all over when claiming to see this weight gain.

Donald and Melania Trump New Years Eve 2018
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One comment from Twitter suggests, “Not a good picture of Drumpf. Looks like he’s wearing a fat suit.”

Then there were others who admitted that Trump looks to have gained a substantial amount of weight, but they were also willing to find an excuse for this.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Boy, has he packed on the pounds! Stress eating, I’m thinking.”

From being called a “Macy’s float” to a comment about a “photoshop fail,” Donald Trump is being raked over the coals for seemingly gaining weight throughout his first year in office.

However, not everyone is ready to throw stones at the way Trump looks today. Comments seem to be coming from two separate camps on the issue of Trump’s weight. The first one is seen in the rather nasty tweets about the way he looked over the holidays, but the other camp seems to be more concerned with his health.

An article from Mic suggests that Donald Trump should stop his excessive Diet Coke consumption only for the sake of his health. While it is a beverage that holds little to no calories, after it was reported by the New York Times that he drinks up to 12 a day, supporters of the President became concerned. The Mic quotes a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, which is discussed in Scientific America. This study links diet soda with weight gain in older folks.

Many of Trump’s supporters just want the president feeling good and healthy, but there are those in every crowd who are bound to throw stones even if they live in glass houses. With America showing shocking stats on obesity, many people out there are in the same boat that the social media has put Trump in today. According to NBC News in a report on the obesity stats in this nation from back in the fall.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that almost 40 percent of American adults and nearly 20 percent of adolescents are obese.”

This is a record-high in this nation.