Now Matt Lauer Is Off ‘Today,’ Ann Curry Could Return Suggests Hoda Kotb

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Now that Hoda Kotb has succeeded Matt Lauer as the permanent co-anchor of The Today Show, she suggests that perhaps another familiar face could return to the show: Ann Curry. Will Ann Curry return to Today and what has she been doing since she was fired from the NBC morning show in July 2012?

According to Life & Style, the return of Ann Curry is imminent. speaking to a Savannah and Hoda insider there is a lot of talk.

“There is talk now of bringing Ann back.”

The insider states that the two co-anchors really like Matt Lauer’s fired former co-anchor, and the source says that Hoda and Savannah feel that Ann could make a contribution to Today.

“They’ve always felt Ann was an incredibly likeable colleague. They feel there’s a place for her.”

Will Ann Curry return to The Today Show? Fans will certainly want the popular anchor to return, and the ratings could continue to increase, fixing their mistake from over five years ago. But will Ann Curry want to return?

The talented newscaster now has a brand new PBS show called We’ll Meet Again, which begins on January 23. According to TV Newser, the six-part series is about “reunions of people whose paths crossed at pivotal moments.”


Why was Ann Curry fired from The Today Show in the first place? As Good Morning America beat out the formerly number one NBC morning daytime show in the ratings, Lauer played up the drama to shift the blame from the two co-anchors, solely to Ann Curry.

Fox News reported that for the months leading to Curry’s departure, Matt Lauer was “sulking and exhibiting body language on camera that indicated he disliked Curry.”

On Curry’s last, emotional day on the show, when Matt Lauer tried to give her a kiss goodbye, Curry visibly reacted with a flinch. From then on, longtime Today show devotees “blamed Lauer” for Ann Curry’s departure.

A television executive from a competing station confirmed this shift when they revealed to Fox that although Lauer stayed on with the show, he was actually hurting the ratings.

“Women never forgave Matt for what he did to Ann [Curry] five years ago. We’re now realizing that he was dragging down Today’s ratings ever since. He wasn’t key to their ratings. He was actually actively hurting their ratings.”

Although Curry stayed on with NBC working on “special projects” for an additional two years, the ratings have been flat on Today. Most likely, they will soar should she return.