‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Slams Feud Rumors In NYE Photo With Kids Sans Jeremy & Audrey

John KonstantarasAP Images for Discovery Communications LLC

Little People, Big World fans were happy to see the Roloffs spending the holidays together as a family. On Christmas, Matt Roloff hosted a party with his oldest kids, Zach and Jeremy, with their wives Tori, Audrey, and babies Jackson and Ember. For New Year’s Eve, the children decided to spend it with their mom Amy Roloff.

This time, Jacob Roloff–Matt and Amy’s youngest son–was in attendance with his girlfriend Isabel, as he is now back in Oregon from his recent Iceland trip. However, Jeremy and Audrey were nowhere to be seen in the photos Amy posted on social media. Did the couple avoid spending time with Jacob because of their alleged feud?

Radar Online reported last month that Jacob Roloff might be having a rift with his sister-in-law Audrey. The publication noted that Jacob has suddenly unfollowed his older brother’s wife on Instagram. This is certainly odd since he is following his other siblings on social media, including his other sister-in-law, Tori.

Many fans assume that Jacob doesn’t get along with Audrey because of their religious differences. Jacob, 20, has always been tagged as the Roloff black sheep, having been estranged from the family for a while since he quit Little People, Big World. The young lad has now reconciled with his parents and siblings, but he still maintains different religious views from his family. And, as fans of the show know, Audrey Roloff is always keen to preach her Christian beliefs.

While the LPBW family has remained quiet about the issue, Amy Roloff subtly slammed such rumors in her latest Instagram post. Replying to fans asking why Jeremy, Audrey, and their baby Ember were not in the family get-together, the 53-year-old grandma explained that the couple couldn’t make it because they were “out of town.”

“To clear it up. Jeremy and Audrey were out of town for New Years.”

Jeremy and Audrey were, in fact, a few hours away from their Portland home. They spent New Year’s Eve with Audrey’s side of the family. On their social media accounts, the couple has been updating their fans about their holiday celebrations. In one of Jeremy’s IG Stories clips, he tagged their location to be in Brasada Ranch, Central Oregon.

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff also spent New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend, Chris Marek. She also posted a picture which shows her cozying up with her man, surrounded by their friends.

Little People, Big World is expected to air a new season sometime this year on TLC.