‘Destiny 2:’ Dedicated ‘D2’ Player Proves That ‘Infinite Forest’ Is Redeemable

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Bungie’s work on Destiny 2 is by no means perfect. In fact, D2 players seem to be constantly disappointed by the content Bungie pushes out for the triple-A title. However, loyal Destiny gamers have stayed true to the game and would like to see the sequel live up to the high standards set by Bungie in the first game. Recently, one Destiny 2 player proved that the title still has a lot of potential and could be great if Bungie put in just a little bit more effort.

Destiny 2 players were very disappointed by Bungie’s design of the Infinite Forest. According to PC Gamer, players visit the Infinite Forest in the Curse of Osiris DLC. Unfortunately, Destiny 2 players do not get to explore the forest as it is just a means to get to the next segment of the game. The fact that the area is not endless—despite its name—has further frustrated D2 players.

One gamer in particular—named Pheonise on Reddit—recreated the Infinite Forest the way he felt Bungie should have designed it initially. Pheonise shared his version of the Infinite Forest in a post on the subreddit dedicated to Destiny. Pheonise shares the same thoughts as many Destiny 2 players when it comes to the Infinite Forest.

“…The Infinite Forest could be so much more than it already is, it’s a real shame to see it used in such a shallow, meaningless way.”

According to Pheonise, it took a couple of days to create his version of the Infinite Forest. It must be noted that he built his version from scratch, down to the code and art.

The D2 player stated that his Infinite Forest shows a line generation method which resembles the one Bungie used for its version except that Pheonise’s forest is infinite. According to Comicbook, Pheonise’s version of the endless woods generates content repeatedly creating endless boss fights, puzzles, and other random events. Loot boxes are the players’ rewards for completing each obstacle. After each event, D2 players can choose to leave the forest or continue playing in it.

Many Destiny 2 players loved Pheonise’s version of the Infinite Forest and even offered some suggestions of their own to improve the gameplay in that specific area of the game.

“This is fantastic work…[Bungie] could even implement modifiers or limited revive tokens. You enter as a fire team of three and periodically receive tokens for passing certain stages. It could amp up the tension if you’re the last guardian standing and you know that if you finish the dungeon boss, you’ll receive enough tokens to revive your team and continue,” suggested DET_Archetype.

DET_Archetype also wondered if the enemies get harder to beat the deeper players travel into the forest. Pheonise answered the Redditor’s comment, offering up even more ideas.

“Thanks! I was supposed to make a mention on how it could get harder as you go (e.g., elites spawn more often, the base difficulty becomes Heroic/Prestige, etc.), but I guess I forgot in all the New Year’s excitement! Heck, [Bungie] could kill two birds with one stone: avoid running out of PC/Console memory by limiting it to, say, 15 ‘segments,’ scale the difficulty based on that, and if you clear all of them you get a SUPER special reward!”

Destiny 2 players have countless ideas to fill up the void that is the Infinite Forest. Unfortunately, Pheonise does not think Bungie will make the changes D2 players believe are necessary to improve the game. However, Pheonise’s version of the Infinite Forest does prove that Destiny 2 can become better if Bungie exerts a bit more effort and imagination into future DLCs.

Check out Pheonise’s Infinite Forest in the video below.