WWE Rumors: Two Former TNA World Champions Could Join WWE, Dave Meltzer Suggests


There are lingering WWE rumors that two former TNA World Champions may sign with WWE. Both of the former champs are also former WWE superstars, which could help or hurt their chances, according to wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. Here’s the latest on which wrestling stars could be making their way back to WWE once their contracts with TNA have officially ended.

In a report from Josh Foster of Still Real To Us on Tuesday, several TNA Impact/Global Force Wrestling superstars are mentioned as possibilities to leave that company and join another, such as WWE. It’s noted that three former TNA World Heavyweight Champions all have expiring contracts on the way. They are Eddie Edwards, as well as two former WWE stars, Bobby Lashley, and Ethan Carter III, or EC3. Carter was known in WWE as Derrick Bateman, but never quite caught on as big with the fans based on the way he was booked there.

It’s reported that of these three superstars, EC3 is the most likely to sign with WWE in the future based on the fact that his current company may be looking to offer him less money than he’d like, based on “cost-cutting” practices. Bobby Lashley has previous issues with WWE that could keep him from making a return.

former wwe superstar lashley could return to wwe if deal is right
Former superstar Bobby Lashley could return to WWE if the deal is right and he's past his issues with the company, Meltzer believes.Featured image credit: WWE

As the recent report from Foster indicates, Wrestling Observer Radio‘s Dave Meltzer believes that while EC3 will head to WWE next, Lashley’s decision is a bit more of a difficult situation.

“It depends on what offers they get. My impression is that EC3 is going to go to WWE. With Lashley, there was a lot of bitterness when he left on both sides. So I don’t know about going back there just to go back there. I’m pretty sure he would, but I know Michael Hayes is still there. But it’s been years and years, and they say time heals all wounds and everything.”

Meltzer added that the situation with Lashley left him bitter toward WWE, but that he doesn’t see him going to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Meltzer also noted that Ring of Honor isn’t necessarily his best place either. That leaves TNA and WWE, depending on the contract handling.

As far as Eddie Edwards goes, he’s yet to test the waters of WWE, but once again if the powers that be at World Wrestling Entertainment can offer him an ideal contract, he’d likely join. However, fans are most likely to be more interested in seeing the two former superstars return to WWE. In particular, Lashley never held a top tier championship in WWE, and Derrick Bateman, aka EC3, was never quite given the room to show what he’s capable of.