National Manhunt Launched In Australia After A Man Has A Glass ‘Ground Into His face’

A brutal glassing at a Melbourne Restaurant has sparked a national manhunt in Australia.

The victim was attacked by a man sitting with a group of three other men after a dispute began outside an — as yet — unnamed venue in the Carlton area of Melbourne at around 01.30 am.

The offender picked up a heavy milkshake-shaped glass and smashed it into the face of the man he argued with.

The man who struck the victim with the glass is described as Middle Eastern in appearance, with medium build, dark hair and aged somewhere in his late 20’s, The Herald Sun reports.

CCTV footage showed the offender pushing the glass pair into the man’s face, with the pair falling to the floor during the attack. While the severely bloodied man remained on the floor, his attacker picked up a chair but didn’t throw it.

The group of four were last seen heading away from the scene as the victim staggered around from his injuries.

Detective Senior Constable Brooke Manley, from Melbourne North Criminal Investigation Unit, said:

“It is an appalling attack, absolutely brutal. I have not seen anything this bad in my seven years of policing.”

“The offender has picked up a glass and literally ground it into his [the victim’s] face. He suffered major facial injuries, which will last a lifetime … he is lucky he wasn’t killed.”

Even though detectives say the victim is not co-operating with police, a national manhunt has been launched to find the group of four men and charge the man who glassed the victim, said The Australian.

Pictures of the men captured on CCTV at the restaurant have been run through police databases, but the attacker did not show up in records.

Detective Manley said:

“I am surprised they have committed this level of shocking violence and are not known to police. However someone will know who they are and it is possible they are from interstate. We have syndicated … their images to police forces around the country and I am absolutely confident we will bring these people to justice.”

The incident happened on May 2 last year but the manhunt has now been initiated because police have so far been unable to identify the group of men.

Police have released the images of the four men and are asking anyone with information to call a national Crime Stoppers telephone number or contact them online at

[Note: The video below is graphic.]