‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’: Huge PUBG Announcement For PlayStation 4 Gamers


One of the most successful video games of 2017 was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which was one of the best-selling games of the year on Steam. According to Steam Spy, there are a total of over 26 million players playing the game, which is very impressive for a game released right before Christmas in 2017. The multiplayer battle royale game, also known as PUBG, is also available on the Xbox One, and The Verge reported that there are over 30 million players between Xbox and Steam. According to Gamespot on Tuesday, there is also good news coming for PlayStation 4 owners.

PUBG On The PlayStation 4

At the moment, PUBG is available on the PC and the Xbox One thanks to an exclusive relationship with Microsoft. According to CEO and developer of PUBG, Chang Han Kim, there are hopes that the video game will end up on every platform one day. However, Kim also said that the exclusivity agreement with Microsoft would be in place “for some time.”

The good news for PlayStation 4 owners is that Kim said that PUBG would be on the PlayStation 4 one day, as well as “other systems” as well. Kim said that the overall goal for PUBG is to release the game on every platform available for it.

According to Kim, the one thing that kept PUBG from initially coming to the PlayStation 4, which also resulted in the exclusive deal with Microsoft, was the lack of Early Access and Game Preview programs. Kim said PlayStation is very strict on quality, which prohibits test programs for gamers to help develop the game.

PUBG As A Multimedia Franchise

According to Kim, the goal of PUBG is not just to reach every video game console but to reach every area of multimedia and entertainment. Kim said that he wants to see PUBG move beyond video games and into the realms of TV and movies as well.

While the Xbox One version is not completely finished yet, the test version sold a million copies in the first 48 hours and has sold “considerably” well since that time. With the huge success, Kim said that it has been even better than the company anticipated, which explains why they want to test the waters of PUBG in other areas to capitalize on its popularity.

Kim went on to say that there are also visions of Esports leagues, cartoons, animated movies and more. He also said that Hollywood and Netflix have both reached out about working with the PUBG property in the future.