Mike Tyson Planning Cannabis Ranch In California Now That Recreational Marijuana Is Legal

Christian PetersonGetty Images

Mike Tyson isn’t wasting any time getting involved in the cannabis industry now that California has legalized recreational use. The boxing legend just broke ground on a 40-acre marijuana resort that will be called Tyson Ranch.

With recreational marijuana being legal in so many states now, new avenues to create a profit in the industry have popped up. What once was secretive and illegal is now the new normal in states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Marijuana resorts and tours are becoming very popular there, and tourists are coming from all over to check them out.

Mike Tyson is ready to cash in on the popularity of the marijuana resort, and it looks like he plans to take the concept to a whole new level. According to The Blast, Tyson broke ground on his planned 40-acre Tyson Ranch on December 20.

While Tyson hasn’t been incredibly vocal about the new business venture, his partners, Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen, are. They were on hand with Mike Tyson, as well as California City Mayor Jennifer Wood, during a very low-key groundbreaking for the project.

Hickman spoke to The Blast about the cannabis ranch plans, saying the “undeveloped lands are primed to be cultivated.” The ground is broken, and plans are laid. It’s only a matter of time before Mike Tyson and his business partners have guests.

The project is going to encompass so much more than just a place for tourists to come and get high. The California “Green Rush” is expected to bring millions in tax revenue to the state. California City and the surrounding area expects a boost in the economy due to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Plans for Tyson Ranch include 20 acres of land reserved just for cultivating cannabis. On that expanse of land, expert growers will be able to control all of the elements when growing plants. There will also be classes held on the ranch for those looking to learn how to grow their own.

The tourist accommodations of Tyson Ranch sound like that of a high-end campground. The accommodations have been described as “glamping,” and there are plans to build cabins. Considering that they are talking about “glamping,” there will probably be a place for tents and RVs too.

There are plans to build several other pieces to the marijuana cultivation and production business as well. Those include a supply store, an extraction facility that would process raw cannabis into oils, waxes and other products, a factory where edibles are made, and an amphitheater.

Mike Tyson’s Tyson Ranch project is exciting for California as the state moves forward as one of just a handful of states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. As a trailblazer of the movement, this project can make Tyson and his business partners a whole lot richer.