Josh Duggar, Wife Anna Duggar, And Baby Mason Included In Duggar Family New Year Post

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This past year was one filled with the arrival of new members of the family for the Duggars. With Joseph Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar getting married, Jim Bob and Michelle greeted a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. With Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Anna Duggar giving birth, the family welcomed three new baby boys. To celebrate these milestones, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made a collage on Facebook to proudly display their family. In it, they did not shy away from including their controversial son, Josh Duggar, his wife, and their new baby, Mason.

Since 2015, Josh Duggar has been hidden away from the public’s eye. After it was revealed that he molested four of his younger sisters and actively used Ashley Madison, an online service that helps married people have extramarital affairs, TLC canceled the Duggar family’s famous reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, and launched a spin-off, Counting On, that focused on the other second-generation Duggars.

“TLC pulled the plug on 19 Kids following public pressure that erupted when a resurfaced police report from 2006 revealed that Josh had been investigated for child molestation of six people when he was a teen,” reports People Magazine.

While there have been rumors of divorce, Josh and Anna Duggar decided to work on their marriage. This fall, they greeted a new baby, which was conceived after the scandal ripped through the family.

However, this holiday season, the family decided to bring Josh Duggar back on Facebook and include him in all the family pictures. They even celebrated the arrival of his new baby on their New Year post, which drew a slew of mixed reactions from Counting On fans.

Some were happy to see Josh and his wife included in the everyday lives of the Duggar family.

“Aww I miss Josh and Anna,” one fan commented. “God bless them. Happy New Year for the Duggar family.”

However, others were not so glad to see the 29-year-old welcomed back.

“Josh belongs in prison, not on that couch, especially with children around,” one fan wrote.

“He obviously has a sexual problem and acts out even as an adult,” another chimed in.

“Josh was old enough to know better and he cheated on his pregnant wife and put her through hell,” another fan remarked. “[…] It’s her choice to stay with him [but] I worry about her and the kids for their safety and happiness.”

When Josh and Anna appeared in the family’s Thanksgiving picture, it drew similarly mixed reactions. Many fans left sarcastic remarks in the comments.

“Hope Josh kept his hands to himself at Thanksgiving and that no girls fell into a tryptophan nap,” another commented. “He loves those sleeping girls!”

A new season of Counting On is set to air on TLC in spring 2018. There has been no confirmation of whether Josh Duggar will appear in the upcoming episodes.