‘Teen Mom’ Pregnancy Bonus Is Real, According To Simon Saran

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Simon Saran is the gift that keeps on giving for Teen Mom fans. While he is currently not with Farrah Abraham, he has been her on-again-off-again boyfriend for several seasons. Saran is known for his very straightforward accusations toward Morgan J. Freeman. Most of the time, his tweets aren’t taken very seriously, but the latest one has Teen Mom fans wondering if what he is saying is true.

There have been rumblings about a possible Teen Mom pregnancy bonus for more children born to the moms. This is apparently for the entire franchise, not just one show. According to All About the Tea, Simon Saran co-signed their initial report from 2015 about this reported bonus. Apparently, this rumor dates all the way back to 2012 when Jenelle Evans’ ex-boyfriend’s mom took to Twitter to blast MTV. Now, Simon Saran has very poignantly fired back against Morgan J. Freeman, accusing him of offering these bonuses to the Teen Mom franchise stars.

If you look at the Teen Mom stars, all of them have had second children or will be welcoming their second child except Farrah Abraham. Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Kailyn Lowry all have welcomed two more children while the rest of the women have only added one more child. Of course, the Teen Mom girls won’t be sharing whether or not they received extra money for having another child because there is likely a confidentiality clause in their contracts. Simon Saran didn’t sign one of those, and if he did, he doesn’t care whether or not the network sues him.

Several rumors about Teen Mom have been thrown around over the years. Simon Saran has been very vocal on social media about what happens behind the scenes, and while everything should be taken with a grain of salt, he has yet to be sued. The pregnancy bonus isn’t too far-fetched, especially if you consider how many second and third children have been born. Briana DeJesus was added to Teen Mom 2 when it was revealed she was pregnant with a second child. After being out of the spotlight when Teen Mom 3 failed, many questioned why she was brought back. Simon Saran may have solved that mystery without even trying.