Lala Kent Facing Heat Over Comment That Any Pretty Girl Can Get On A Private Jet

Rich FuryGetty Images

Lala Kent announced that she was back on Vanderpump Rules after taking some time away from the spotlight. On the previous episode of the show, Lala talked to Lisa Vanderpump about getting her job back, and she realized that she had run away from the reality show and her job at SUR when things got too hard and difficult for her. Kent, who had been dating a famous man for over a year, finally decided she was ready to face the rumors and accusations about her relationship. And it sounds like Lala came back to the show with a high level of confidence because she’s getting heat for some of her comments.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now facing heat over her comment that anyone can fly private. During last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kent revealed that anyone who was pretty and had breasts could fly private. Kent made it sound like any woman could use her looks to fly private if they knew a rich man. However, it sounds like some viewers didn’t like her attitude about her glamorous life thanks to her relationship with a rich man. As it turns out, many feel that she’s giving him whatever he wants in return for her fabulous life.

On Twitter, several people took issue with Lala Kent’s comments, but it was one person in particular who pointed out something interesting. The person revealed that not everyone could fly private because some people choose not to use their bodies to get on a private jet. In addition, the Twitter user revealed that there are many other pretty girls in Los Angeles that don’t fly private because they don’t give out favors. As for her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, it seems like they are split. Last year, everyone kept saying that she was using her body to get favors, but it sounds like they have come to accept her relationship and the perks she gets.

Lala Kent hasn’t commented on her followers’ criticism, but one can imagine she doesn’t care. She will continue to tell Vanderpump Rules viewers how much she loves her new life.