Briana DeJesus Talks Pregnancy Rumors: Would She Have A Baby With Javi Marroquin?


Briana DeJesus shocked everyone when she started dating Javi Marroquin as Teen Mom 2 was about to air. The two had met behind the scenes and Javi immediately felt something click with her. While Briana was hesitant in making the relationship public, he was eager to share the news with the world. He wanted everyone to know that he was dating her and that he was moving on from his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. However, Briana couldn’t help but get caught up in drama with Kailyn, as she kept slamming her on social media.

It sounds like Javi and Briana are getting serious, as they are working hard on making their relationship work. It’s a long-distance relationship, but they are planning things for the future. Suddenly, her fans started talking about Briana being pregnant, even though she has just given birth to her second daughter. According to a new tweet, Briana DeJesus is now revealing that she isn’t pregnant with her third baby. In fact, it seems like she has just forgotten to update her social media accounts. However, the two could be thinking about the future and another baby for them both. It’s no secret that Javi Marroquin really wants a second baby.

Marroquin is the stepfather to little Isaac, as he has been in Isaac’s life since he was just a toddler. However, Javi only has one child himself and he was devastated when he learned that Kailyn Lowry had miscarried their child. He still wants a big family and a loyal woman, and the more they hang out, the more it appears that Briana may be the one for him. They have been going on dates, attending shows, and it sounds like Marroquin loves traveling to see Briana, who is still caring for her baby. It’s admirable that Marroquin is so hands-on with her children, especially little baby Stella.

Briana DeJesus isn’t planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon. If she is thinking about having a baby with Javi, it sounds like it could be something a few years down the road. It may help to find a place to settle down first.