'Alaskan Bush People' Update: Bear Previews The Joker Cosplay, Gabe Brown Makes Social Media Comeback

Alaskan Bush People stars Solomon Isaiah Freedom (A.K.A. Bear) and Gabriel Starbuck Brown made a very rare appearance on different social media platforms as they welcomed the new year of 2018. The wild boys posted updates on their personal and private social media accounts. The former posted a video on Facebook while the latter shared a photo update on Instagram.

The third and fourth sons of Ami and Billy Brown are creating a social media frenzy as they surprise fans and other spectators with elusive updates on themselves. The two rarely make public appearances. Thus, people are only able to catch a glimpse of them when the show is on the air for a new season.

Bear Brown As The Joker

The 30-year-old reality star uploaded a short video of himself channeling The Joker from the Dark Night Rise. The Alaskan Bush People star quickly earned the ire of the internet by offending some observers when he held a knife.

He uttered a famous line from the film, saying, "Honey, I'm home. Where are my slippers?"

Meanwhile, some fans argue that the person in the video is not Bear but rather another person who resembles him with similar long hair.

"I don't know why everybody thinks that's [Bear] when it's not. Trust me, watch the TV show where they are up close and then look at this guy it's not even him," one commenter said.

Gabe Brown Returns To Social Media

Meanwhile, the fourth of the Brown brothers, Gabe, posted a selfie after an almost five months absence from Instagram. He teased his followers with a very short caption, saying, "I'm back." There was an added emoji and a weird text laugh by the end of the post.

Are These Early 'ABP' Season 8 Promotions?

Both Bear and Gabe made a cameo appearance during the Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special which aired last December 15 on the Discovery Channel. Bear's sequence included a quick update on Mr. Cupcake, the Browns' lovable and best bush dog. He was also present during the surprise Christmas eve dinner for their mom, Ami.

On the other hand, earlier that day, Gabe joined Ami's visit to the hospital. Billy remarked that his fourth son is very reserved and noted that accompanying them is basically his role in the surprise. He stayed by his parent's side, which was basically his role in the Christmas surprise so his other siblings could prepare the dinner. However, he didn't show up during the actual meal, and he left his seat at the Christmas table noticeably empty.

While the reason why Gabe skipped the actual party remains unknown, his recent Instagram is said to be, according to insiders, an early promotion for the reality show' upcoming season.

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 hasn't been confirmed yet, but many reports claim that its actually in the works, and the scenes were already filmed in Colorado and other key locations.

In addition, several rumors claim that Rain's photograph with a crew member was actually taken during the eighth season filming when her hair was still short.

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