‘Gold Rush’ Top Seven Breakdowns And Bushfixes From Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Tony And The Dakota Boys

Is your favorite fix on the episode entitled 'Busted And Bushfixed'?

Is your favorite fix on the episode entitled 'Busted And Bushfixed'?

Gold Rush aired a very special episode to take a short break from the latest adventures of the three crews, and Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel’s 100 ounce gold bet, for a holiday break to focus on breakdowns.

Gold Rush created a top seven list of creative “bushfixes” that lead to the most gold saved. They chose from imaginative fixes over a span of the previous seven seasons of the show.

What are the “greatest” and “heroic” bushfixes in Gold Rush history? The Discovery Channel show lists them based on the amount of gold saved.

Parker’s Dad To The Rescue

Number 7 on the list is from Gold Rush Season 2, when Parker Schnabel’s excavator ran out of gas. His dad, Roger Schnabel, expertly flushed the fuel filter. The glittering result? There was.02 ounces of gold rescued, worth $240 dollars.

Dakota Fred Uses Scrap Metal To Rebuild Link

Number 6 on this exclusive list is Dakota Fred, from Season 3 of Gold Rush. The link that holds the bucket to the excavator breaks off, leaving Fred in a quite a bind as there isn’t a big box store anywhere close by.

But, this is no problem for this expert gold miner. Fred Hurt uses all the scrap metal he can gather and builds a new one, rescuing 7.7 ounces of gold that is worth a cool $9,240.

It should be noted that Fred, along with his son Dustin, have a new Discovery Show called Gold Rush: White Water, which starts on January 12. Fans surely cannot wait to see the Dakota boys back in action!

Gene and Mitch Work Their Magic

Number 5 on this list brings us back to Parker from Season 5, where he has his own excavator problems. His pressing issue is that the idler wheel has come off and on closer inspection, the culprit is a broken link in the track.

Gene Cheeseman, who is sadly missing from Gold Rush Season 8, and Mitch Blaschke work their magic and save Parker 42.3 ounces of gold, worth a hefty $50,760.

Jack’s 400 To The Rescue

Number 4 is Todd Hoffman from Season 3 of Gold Rush. A seal is broken on the conveyor pump, causing a hydraulic leak.

Mitch comes up with a creative fix, hooking up the hydraulic system of Jack Hoffman’s 400 to the excavator, saving the Hoffman crew 112.4 ounces of gold, worth $134,880.

Build New Mounting System

Number 3 is Tony Beets from Season 5 of Gold Rush. Anyone who likes big machines and big fixes, loves what the Beets crew is up to!

This time, the Viking has issues with the dredge. The idler wheel housing and bushing are ruined, so Tony orders a new wheel.

Yet, in order to fix this, the Beets crew need to build their own mounting system to rebore the shaft. This clever fix saved Tony 173.6 ounces of gold worth $208,320.

Zip Tie Magic Fix

Number 2 is Parker’s master mechanic Mitch zip tie pieces of a pump to make it work.

There was no figure on how much gold this saved, but there is a good chance that Mitch rescued Parker’s entire season with this brilliant fix. And who doesn’t like a McGyver zip tie move like this?

Juan Hand Glues Plastic Tailings For Top Gold Save

What is the top bushfix on Gold Rush? This fix is from Todd Hoffman’s crew, during Season 6. The plastic tailings of a wheel on the tailings conveyer have worn away, causing it to go down.

But, Juan cleverly manufactures a new one, gluing the individual parts together, saving Todd and the Hoffman crew 282.8 ounces of gold, worth the leading $339,360.

Now the question is, can Juan do anything to save Todd this dismal season?

Next week, Gold Rush Season 8 returns, with Episode 13, intriguingly titled “Beyond the Wall.”