Lala Kent Finally Shares Her Man On Her Instagram Page

Rich FuryGetty Images

There have been a ton of rumors flying about who Lala Kent’s boyfriend is and now she is showing off Randall Emmett. The rumors were that she was dating a married man who had a family. Lala wouldn’t say at first who the man was that she was dating. Lala actually went to her Instagram page and showed a picture of her man while she talked about her 2017 and wished everyone a “Happy New Years.”

In her post, Lala talked about how much she grew over the last year. She even said that she wants everyone to remember to shake things off. Lala also talked about how nobody knows your truth, but you. A lot has been said about her in the press over the last few years. It is great to see Lala Kent so happy and showing off her man on her social network now.

There have been so many rumors that Lala was dating Randall, but she hasn’t admitted to it. She has said her boyfriend does well for himself and made it very obvious that he is rich. He even takes her on private jets and also pays for her vehicle. There were a lot of rumors that this was who it was, but until recently he was married. Now that Randall is finally divorced, it looks like Lala is ready to show off to the world who her man is and she is obviously proud of him. You can probably expect him to show up in a lot more of her posts in the future.

On tonight’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent got really upset that Katie Maloney was commenting about her boyfriend. She says her relationship isn’t one that will be torn down. Lala has been with Randall for over a year now. It does look like she is in a great relationship that isn’t going to be torn apart by the people on the show talking bad about her.

Don’t miss catching Lala Kent on the new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights. More than likely her man won’t be on the show, but you never know if he might end up showing up. This season was filmed a while back so don’t expect to see him anytime soon.