Princess Diana Said Harry Would Make A ‘Great King’ – ‘Less Anxious’ Than William’ Via Old Alleged Confidences

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Prince Harry has been in the headlines more than usual lately due to his bachelor days waning and with the start of his domestic life peering out from just around the corner. Princess Diana has been dead for a few decades so she cannot verify or deny what is being said about her or about any conversations she supposedly had when she was alive.

A recent revelation by a woman who claims to have been Princess Diana’s astrologer up until the time Diana died is turning heads. Last week, Debbie Frank revealed that she read both Prince William and Harry’s charts for Diana for years. She also claimed that she would have conversations with the Princess about her sons, but it was Harry she zoned in on with her recent revelation.

Frank said she would talk with Diana over the phone or meet her in various restaurants around London to discuss what was in her star chart as well as what the star charts held for her two young sons. According to the Express, she saw “America” in Harry’s stars when he was just 6-years-old.

Princess Diana was thrilled with this “America” link to Harry, said Frank. Diana believed this meant her son Harry might possibly travel across the pond and possibly go to college in the U.S., maybe Harvard. Frank went on to say that Diana was concerned about Harry getting lost in William’s shadow.

She also said that Diana was hopeful that Harry would carve out his own path and become who he wants to be and get out from under that shadow that William as the future King would cast.

Princess Diana, William, Harry and Prince Phillip
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Now Frank is taking that alleged prediction where “America” was seen in Harry’s future and applying it to Meghan Markle. She now believes that the “America” that she saw in Harry’s future and reported to Diana, was there because of his future bride, Meghan, who is from America.

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One of the other things that Frank mentioned along with the “America” in Harry’s stars was that during her many private talks with Diana, the People’s Princess also mentioned Harry’s demeanor made him suited for a king, according to the Daily Star. Frank said that Diana thought Harry would make a good king because he was “less anxious” than William. They write: “Diana reckoned Harry would make a great King because he was ‘less anxious’ than William and ‘more direct with people.'”

Frank claims that one of the last things Diana said to her over the phone was she hoped Harry would eventually do things his own way one day and “be able to be out of the shadow of William.”

While Frank reported this and many media outlets picked up this story, some of the comments left behind by readers indicates everyone wasn’t buying this. Some even made sarcastic remarks about Frank’s ability to foretell the future. Others questioned why she did not warn Diana of her fate that should have been seen in the stars. You can see these comments at the end of the article from the Express, which is titled: Princess Diana’s astrologer saw America in Harry’s future — and Diana was thrilled.