Carrie Underwood Reveals Face Could Look Different, Needed 40-50 Stitches After Fall

Carrie Underwood had a really hard fall not long ago, and now the singer is sharing that it was a bit worse than she let on at first. According to Taste of Country, Carrie revealed that her fall was bad enough that she ended up with 40 to 50 stitches on her face.

When Carrie fell, she shared the news that she had a wrist injury, which was causing her a few problems. Because of her wrist injury, as well as the stitches, fans haven't been able to see Carrie perform recently. She loves to dance around on the stage, and that can't happen with an injury like this one.

Carrie admits that seven weeks later, she doesn't look exactly the same as before. She said that she has had the best person helping her. It sounds like they are doing everything they can to make sure Carrie Underwood looks the way she did before, but that might not happen. She wants fans to understand that if they see her and she looks different, this is the reason for it.

Underwood isn't getting in front of the camera just yet, but she did share that new music is coming. She will be in the studio again next week, which fans couldn't be more excited about. Eventually, Carrie will be back on stage performing for her fans. For now, she is healing and getting taken care of in every way possible.

As you can see in the selfie below, she does look to still have a small stitch on her face under her eye. It isn't showing her injuries, though, since she is wrapped up tight in a scarf to stay out of the cold winter.

Carrie Underwood has a great group of fans who will support her no matter what. Everyone seems happy that she is now speaking out about what actually happened to her, and they can give her the support she needs to get through it all.

Fans are just going to have to wait and see what Carrie Underwood looks like when she lets them see. For now, Carrie isn't showing very much at all.