‘Call Of Duty: WWII’ Hits Major Online Milestone


There were a number of huge video game releases in 2018, but the one to stand tall came as no surprise. While the anticipated Destiny 2 disappointed fans, winning the “Buyers Remorse” award in a Reddit poll, Call of Duty: WWII ended up as the best-selling video game of 2018, breaking the $1 billion sales mark. It was the fourth year in a row that a Call of Duty game was the best-seller. With so many people picking up the latest Activision video game, it makes sense that it would also hit a substantial online milestone when it came to gamers playing online.

Call Of Duty: WWII Reaches Impressive Online Milestone

According to comicbook.com, there are over 12 million gamers playing Call of Duty: WWII online. The news came when a PlayStation 4 gamer posted an image showing over 12 million players playing at that moment in time. That is just those playing at that time, so there are many more players who weren’t logged on and playing at that moment.

Call of Duty: WWII went on sale on Nov. 3, 2018, so the fact that it is not yet two months old makes that number of online players very impressive because it doesn’t even take into account people who are waiting for the video game to come down in price to make their purchase.

What This Means For Call Of Duty

In 2016, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was a huge disappointment, missing its sales goals, receiving less than stellar reviews and seeing some backlash from long-time gamers who felt it was not up to the level that the franchise had set. The sales numbers breaking $1 billion and the 12 million online players shows that Activision has successfully reversed course.

PlayStation Lifestyle reported that the other popular entries in the Call of Duty franchise usually hit 10 million online players by the middle of January each year. The fact that Call of Duty: WWII reached two million more online players earlier in the year is a very positive note for Activision.

On complaint about Call of Duty was that the franchise was just churning out the same video game year after year with only a change in scenery and story. With Call of Duty: WWII, Activision brought back what made its most popular games successful, including introducing the terrifying Nazi Zombies and creating something for everyone.

To add to the success, those 12 million players are on PlayStation 4. According to the comicbook.com article, there are 7.8 million playing the game on the Xbox and another 825,000 playing on Steam, making it an impressive 20 million-plus gamers playing Call of Duty: WWII online two months after its release.