‘The Good Doctor’ Spoilers: Shaun Returns To The Hospital After a Trip, Drama Ahead For Dr. Murphy

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The Good Doctor returns on January 8 after a month-long hiatus for the holidays. Shaun’s (Freddie Highmore) fans can’t help but feel on edge after the last episode’s cliffhanger suggested that Dr. Murphy took off. The episode ended with Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) worried that Shaun was gone for good. According to ABC, he will return to his apartment and his job at the hospital. However, there is some major drama is ahead between Dr. Glassman and Murphy.

“The Island: Part One” will reveal Dr. Murphy’s whereabouts. Apparently, he rushed home, asked his neighbor Lea (Paige Spara) to go with him on a trip. The Good Doctor spoilers suggest that the doctors wonder if he will return to his job or whether they should consider this his two-week notice. Dr. Murphy has no intention of leaving his position at the hospital; he just needed time away from Dr. Glassman’s pressure. He didn’t know how to tell him to back off. The only way he knew to deal with the stress was to run away.

The Good Doctor spoilers state that Lea, Murphy’s neighbor, helps Shaun realize that he can take care of himself and there is nothing wrong with him. For so long, he’s felt damaged and has depended on others to care for him. Lea likes being with him and doesn’t see him as damaged goods. He really likes spending time with her. It’s evident she feels the same way about him.

Paige Spara from 'The Good Doctor'
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On Monday, January 15, Shaun will return home from his trip and ready to make some changes in his life. The Good Doctor spoilers state that he doesn’t want to leave his job, but he does want to make a major change. Murphy gives Dr. Glassman his two-week notice, saying that he no longer needs him to look after him. Shaun will tell him that he can take care of himself, including his finances.

It’s pretty much a given that Dr. Glassman will try to talk him out of it. The Good Doctor spoilers suggest that Glassman feels that Shaun needs him. It could end up being a power struggle, ending with Shaun threatening to cut Glassman out of his life for good.

The Good Doctor spoilers indicate that before the season is over Lea and Dr. Glassman will come to blows about Shaun. It looks like they are setting up the conflict for the season finale in May.

The Good Doctor airs Monday on ABC at 10/9 p.m. EST.