Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding Guest List Sparks Trump, Obama, And Hollywood Stars Controversy


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t even have a chance to celebrate their engagement before controversy soared over their wedding guest list. Any couple trying to satisfy two sets of parents, assorted friends, and well-meaning relatives when it comes to figuring out a wedding guest list will empathize with Meghan and Harry. But beyond the usual task of selecting relatives and pals to invite, Markle and Prince Harry must determine which political and Hollywood stars deserve one of the coveted invitations.

Meghan and Harry won’t tie the knot until May, but the debate over who should get an invitation to their wedding has already become the first heated issue of 2018, pointed out Forbes.

“Five months out from [Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s] ceremony at Windsor Castle, and we’re already confronted with 2018’s first thorny social and political question.”

When it comes to ranking guests on the wedding list, President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama are the most controversial. Newsweek pointed out that Prince Harry has succeeded in evading questions about the political portion of his wedding guest list.

Meghan Markle May Not Even Get Vote On Political Part Of Wedding Guest List

Harry was directly questioned about whether Obama would get an invitation, but Meghan’s future husband side-stepped the issue by claiming that he did not want to “ruin that surprise.” That statement hasn’t stopped the speculation, however, that Britain will face political problems if Markle and Prince Harry choose to exclude Trump while inviting Obama.

While rumors soar over how Meghan’s family feels about Harry and whether the royal family has fully accepted the American actress, Forbes pointed out that it’s possible Markle won’t even get veto power on the political part of the wedding guest list.

Although Meghan “might be given a voice” in the wedding guest list, the publication reported that it is primarily palace staff members and representatives of the government attempting to figure out the ranking. The wedding is anticipated to be enormous both in terms of the guest list and the international viewing audience.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding Audience Anticipated At One Billion

Because television viewers are anticipated to reach more than a billion, Forbes pointed out that the ramifications of the guest list require “being sweated by the courtiers and government officials.” The competition to win an invitation to the wedding is taking place both within the United Kingdom and around the world, according to the publication.

Almost as soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their May wedding date, controversy soared over their guest list.
Almost as soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their May wedding date, controversy soared over their guest list.Featured image credit: KGC-375STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

For example, Prince Harry’s friends such as pals from school and the military, along with Justin and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau of Canada, are anticipated to receive a wedding invitation. On Meghan’s side, in addition to selected relatives, are the Hollywood stars with whom she has worked. And just like the political guests, those celebrities must be approved by the palace.

“A sprinkling of younger-Hollywood TV people… also [must] suffer the scrutiny of the hard-nosed courtiers charged with the [wedding guest] list.”

Although Markle may wish to have control over inviting more Hollywood pals, Forbes predicts that the section of the guest list devoted to TV stars will be rather short. That puts the spotlight even more on the political element.

Donald And Melania Trump Versus Michelle And Barack Obama

With Prince Harry known for his friendship with Barack, the hottest question about the guest list focuses on Donald and Melania Trump. At this point, it’s thought that Michelle Obama and the former President will receive invitations because Harry is so close to Barack.

“It’s a fact that this prospective Windsor groom and the former U.S. president are in a budding bromance.”

Harry and Meghan also have to be aware of the capacity of their wedding venue, which is St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. Seating there is limited to 800 guests. Although it’s thought to be “grudgingly extended,” Forbes predicts that Prince Harry and Meghan will be advised to include President Trump and his wife among their carefully selected 800 guests.