Photo: Matthew Riehl’s ‘Fire Sheriff Spurlock’ YouTube Video Deleted, 37-Year-Old Suspected Of Killing Deputy

Douglas County Sheriff's Office

The 37-year-old Matthew Riehl has been named as the man suspected of shooting and killing Douglas County Deputy Zackari Parrish. According to the Denver Channel, Riehl created a YouTube video that has since been removed from the video-sharing website due to its contents. The shooting occurred Sunday morning, with injuries to two civilians and four other deputies besides Parrish. The YouTube video, titled “Fire Sheriff Spurlock,” featured Riehl calling an authority a “pimp” and claiming that “the pimp will then ambush you from behind the door.”

Riehl also spoke of Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock in his now-deleted YouTube video, whom Matthew called a political opponent who Riehl would run against as a Libertarian candidate. Riehl called Spurlock a clown who would “flub big time in the next election.” As seen below, not all of the videos from Riehl’s YouTube account have been deleted.

According to Heavy, Riehl donned an Iraqi Freedom Veteran hat in the “Fire Sheriff Spurlock” video, wherein Matthew spoke of preparing to meet a woman but was instead “ambushed” by Deputy Briggs, a “pimp in the field.” Riehl was also active on Twitter, with Matthew tweeting heated things with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The photo provided by the below official “DC Sheriff” Twitter account appears different from the photos of the man in the screenshots of the “Fire Sheriff Spurlock” YouTube video.

Riehl died after being shot when officials sought him out in the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve. The melee happened when deputies responded to the Copper Canyon apartments in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Authorities then came under fire at the apartments, located approximately 20 miles south of downtown Denver.

The Matthew Riehl YouTube account is getting more attention in the wake of the tragic shootings, with Riehl calling one officer a “dirty cop.” However, it’s the “Fire Sheriff Spurlock” video that was uploaded to YouTube on December 13, which has gained the most attention in the wake of the video being deleted.

Prior to creating the “Fire Sheriff Spurlock” video, Riehl was an Army veteran who was discharged on an honorable basis in 2012. Riehl also held up the business card of a deputy in the video. Riehl’s YouTube account also contained videos with plenty of video game play, as Riehl used the gamer name “Cow_Poke_Ulysses.”