Gov. Sarah Palin to Appear on SNL with Tina Fey?

Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times claimed that Gov. Sarah Palin is likely to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live alongside Tina Fey. Thankfully, this hasn’t been confirmed, and the McCain camp is mulling over how they should respond to Fey’s genius impressions:

“As the comedian’s impressions of the GOP vice presidential candidate draw laughs from Republicans and Democrats alike, a top honcho from the John McCain campaign tells me there’s a debate going on about how to respond.”

Oooh, but here’s the catch: Sarah Palin herself thinks that it’s a good idea to go on SNL. The media coverage would be priceless and conservatives would eat it up, but wouldn’t that be like stepping into a hotbed of the media elite?

Unfortunately, Tina Fey is a better Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin. Does Fey do such a good job that she’s managed to convince Palin that she’s funny? Say it ain’t so… please.