'Booty Scrunch' Leggings And Booty Shorts: The Latest In Fitness Wear Trends

One need only take a scroll through Instagram to see the latest fitness trends in athletic clothing. "Athleisure" is a big new trend and one that's here to stay, reports E! That's because fitness fiends want to be able to wear clothes that carry them from the gym to the grocery store to their carpool pickup drives and well beyond -- and look stylish the entire time. Recent reports have revealed that buying new gym clothes can help inspire a person to get their workouts in when they otherwise might not – giving them a boost and a reason to go to the health club to sport a new jog bra, and feel better during their workouts while sporting their new gear.

As such, a variety of different styles of workout clothes are hitting the market, and consumers are picking the fashions they love the most – which bear witness to their popularity by their social media "social proof" and likes. The semi-NSFW #bootyscrunch hashtag enjoys nearly 10,000 Instagram posts as of this writing, many of them featuring the Celestial Bodiez "Booty Scrunch" leggings.

As reported by the Miami Herald, the "Booty Scrunch" leggings are the brainchild of Celeste Braun, the former WWE diva known as Kaitlyn. The way the "Booty Scrunch" leggings are designed, it appears as if they are gathered or "scrunched" in the center seam. It's a scrunch look that helps to emphasize the glutes, a set of muscles that "girls who lift" tend to focus upon -- and therefore likely appreciate the way the scrunched leggings and booty shorts emphasize those muscles.

Supporters of the scrunch type of clothing and the Celestial Bodiez space pants and booty scrunch pants claim they attract plenty of attention in the gym. Called "space pants" -- because of the joke that they make a person's butt look "out of this world" -- the style is reminiscent of the scrunch found in certain styles of fitness bikini bottoms. A search for "mini-scrunch" or "pro-scrunch" on Google will reveal plenty of bikini competition sellers that sell the "butterfly scrunch" bikini bottom. It's a style that smartly emphasizes the roundness of the glutes and curves atop them -- without flattening out the bottom.

Women who don't have the best glutes in the world likely appreciate the way these scrunch styles help isolate their backsides, and those with great glutes and the all-important "glute hamstring muscle separation" -- a glute and hammy separation known as "glammys" in the fitness world -- possibly love them even more. Any fitness pants that show off a woman's hard-won muscles via their design and fabric style is no doubt one that will be around for some time.

According to Wrestling, Inc., Braun wants to continue to expand upon the "Booty Scrunch" line as much as possible, with new designs continuing to attract folks on social media to her unique designs.

"PJ and I just did a photo shoot for Iron Man Magazine, and we're actually going to be on the cover of the May issue, with a huge spread on the inside about how we've gotten to where we are and how everything was built, and also our relationship. It's awesome, because I've been in WWE Magazine, which was a huge honor, but I've never been on the cover of anything. And my husband has been in countless fitness magazines, but he's never been on a cover either. So for us to be on a cover together, about our life, our style and our companies together, I'm so thrilled. For me right now, because Celestial Bodiez is still in its infancy, I'm completely focused on it. I just want to expand as much as possible and have new concepts still based all around the Booty Scrunch, but just to build that brand. I want everyone to know that brand, know the logo and know what Booty Scrunch is; that is my goal."
[AP Photo/Richard Drew]