December 31, 2017
Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Secretly Welcome Twins

The notoriously private couple of singer Enrique Iglesias and retired tennis star Anna Kournikova surprised and delighted the world when it was discovered that she had given birth to fraternal twins on Dec. 16 in Miami, and they are now happily in nesting phase.

It is speculated that the babies are named Nicholas and Lucy, but the couple, nor any of their reps, have not confirmed this information.

They kept the pregnancy so private that there was no mention or hint of it, even though she often posted photos of their dogs on Instagram, but there weren't any signs or even subtle hints that exposed her condition to the world.

However, there could have been one. It was reported that last summer, through Miami building permits, the couple built a 16-foot high wall around their home, in addition to adding a two-story single family residence to their property, as well as child-proofing their home at a cost of $600,000, according to TMZ.

Iglesias' mother, Isabel Preysler, recently stated in an interview with Hola! that Kournikova wasn't actively trying to conceal her pregnancy, but that she just isn't a public person. It was reported by People Magazine that she had not been seen by the paparazzi in a year.

The couple prefers to spend time with family and close friends and are not party-people.

"She leads a very simple life and is a homebody" said Preysler.

Iglesias and Kournikova met on the set of his "Escape" music video and have been together for more than 16 years, but because they both aren't showy about their affection, many breakup rumors surfaced about them over time, but Preysler added how happy her son is right now.

"Enrique is extraordinarily happy in these moments."

The couple has been verbal about loving and wanting kids when the time was right. She told Women's Health Magazine that whether having her own or adopting, she definitely wanted to have a family. Iglesias concurred and lavished praise on his partner. He believed that she would be a wonderful mother.

The twins are the first children for the couple.

Whether or not marriage is in the cards or has actually already transpired for this happy couple remains a mystery, especially given the fact that they cherish their privacy.

Happy new year to this family.