The iPhone X Isn’t A Flop

Daryl Deino

Apple is used to this by now. They release a new product, it sells by the boatloads, and then sales slow down somewhat. Then, “flop” reports come in. Pocketnow is just one of the sources reporting Apple’s alleged doom and gloom.

“Investment houses do not like what they see about the iPhone X as it rounds the bend into its third full month on the market. Disappointing sales forecasts and one big whiff of a rumor for the $1,000 iPhone depressed stock market activity and sunk AAPL shares by 2.5 percent today.”

The article adds that Apple has allegedly cut its internal shipment goal of the iPhone X by a whopping 40 percent. According to the Irish Times, rumors of slow sales have pushed European tech stocks down. But is turns out that this negative publicity may just be hype. As Forbes contributor Ewan Spence says, sales may not be off the charts, but it’s not a failure for Apple. He, like others, believes that it’s an issue of available supply rather than slowing demand.

Yoni Heisler of BGR also believes that reports of poor iPhone X sales are off base. He believes that only Apple truly knows how iPhone X sales are performing this quarter. He states that if history is any indication, analyst projections can be completely off the mark when it comes to iPhone sales. Heisler also says that Apple’s cutting of component orders may actually be related to the iPhone 8 models, not the iPhone X.

iPhone X a flop?
Some claim that "slow" iPhone X sales reports are simply not true. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

Still, commenters after the article accuse the author of spinning for Apple.

“I’m not coming back to this trashy site anymore, it’s so predictable. Any blog here with bad news about Apple is always followed by this blogger with his alternative reality spin. No more clicks from me!” claims Dr8820.

“Yani Whatever helps you sleep at night,” retorts No Jack.

But the fact remains that the iPhone X, priced at $1,000 or more, was initially sold out for weeks. As Mashable noted in early November, sales were easily outpacing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which were also selling well. It is true, however, that ship times drastically decreased after the first couple of weeks, and some who were expecting their new iPhone X during the second week of December received theirs much sooner.

The iPhone X has been very well-received by users.

Despite the rumors of poor sales, Apple still isn’t going broke anytime soon. According to USA Today, the iPhone is still the best-selling tech product of 2017. With the reported release of three new iPhone models in 2018, Apple may easily continue its reign.