‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Lies To Drew About Kiss But Someone Blabs The Truth!

Katy WinnInvision / AP Images

General Hospital spoilers from this week’s Soap Opera Digest reveal that Drew Cain (Billy Miller) finds Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) just after New Year 2018 ticks down and is stunned to see she’s with his twin Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Them being together sets off alarm bells in Drew’s mind. Sam decides to lie to Drew about what she was up to on The Haunted Star with his brother, but that doesn’t mean it will stay secret for long. Guess who can’t keep quiet about the JaSam kiss once they find out?

Drew Suspects Shenanigans

GH spoilers promise that the scheming paid off for Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) because she made sure Drew was out of the way and Sam and Jason got their magical moment under the fireworks. Some ABC soap fans think the kiss was hot, but many others on social media said they found it awkward. Others theorize that Sam kissed Jason as a goodbye gesture because she’s committed to Drew. That might be, but the kiss itself is a problem because Drew will see it as a betrayal of their love.

In the Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, they reveal that Sam decides to keep secret how close she and Jason got while Drew was left stranded with his other baby mama. The magazine says that Sam’s lie is “a strong choice to share only the information she thinks is most pertinent” to her life with Drew. Despite Sam’s lie and reassurances, Drew notices the dominoes and tequila and suspects there might be more to what happened on The Haunted Star than he was told.

Carly Faces The Music And Learns The Truth

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps for Friday, January 5 say that Carly has to face the music. Jason, Sam, and Drew are all angry at Carly because they know she conspired to ruin Drew and Sam’s relationship while forcing Jason and Sam into an intimate encounter. Carly won’t care about their anger. She thinks she knows what is best for all of them and is certain it’s just a matter of time before Sam and Jason are back together and Drew is left alone.

But GH spoilers and rumors also hint that when Jason confronts Carly about manipulating him and Sam, he’ll admit that they kissed. The kiss might mean something to Sam, but she’s committed to Drew. It’s too bad that Carly won’t keep quiet. After Jason tells her about the smooch, Carly knows she must tell Drew, so he can see that he’s the third wheel. Carly hopes to play on his insecurities to force a split between him and Sam so that JaSam gets another shot at love.

How Long Will Carly Keep Quiet?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Jason will demand that Carly does not tell Drew about the kiss and she’ll reluctantly give Jason a vow of silence, but Carly can’t be trusted. Lying, cheating, and scheming are all her core strengths. Carly might keep a lid on the kiss for a week (maybe even two) but not forever. Spoilers confirmed by Soap Central say that Drew has a secret wife from his past and it’s not Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). This reveal is set for late-January or early-February.

Once Carly learns about Drew’s wife, no way will she stay quiet. Drew doesn’t remember this wife, whom he met in the years after he left Kim in San Diego and before he was kidnapped by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Drew wants Sam and hopes she wants him. But once Carly spills the beans about Sam kissing Jason, Drew’s world will turn upside down. Knowing Sam lied, plus all the confusion surrounding him could have Drew making the stunning choice to walk away from Sam.

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