Trump Blocks CNN Cameras With Newly-Planted Trees On Golf Course [Video]

Matthew StockmanGetty Images

Previously, a big white box truck blocked reporters from getting clear video of President Donald Trump playing golf in Florida, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now trees have been planted to fill in the gap where CNN and other news networks were previously able to get better footage of Trump golfing. As seen in the below videos, a John Deere backhoe loader was used to plant new trees in the sparse area that at one time allowed reporters to set up their broadcast cameras on public property and verify that Trump himself was hitting the links.

In the below videos, Trump can be seen wearing a red hat and peeking through the hole in the foliage with his golf partners. However, with new trees that have been planted on the golf course that President Trump has often visited while vacationing at his “Winter White House” that is Mar-a-Lago, it’s not clear how much footage CNN cameras will be able to capture of Trump golfing at that hole in the future. CNN’s Ana Cabrera asked panelists why Trump would potentially have trees fill in the space, instead of just admitting to the public when he golfed.

Reactions to the “Trump trees” on Twitter have folks criticizing the president for allegedly hiding from the press with critics calling him a “petulant child” and worse on social media.

Whereas some of Trump’s supporters are filling social media with criticism for journalists who would wait outside the golf course to document the president’s golfing escapades, others are criticizing Trump for using so much time in office to play golf, even as Trump once bashed former President Barack Obama for golfing.

As reported by NBC’s “Tracking President Trump’s Visits to Trump Properties,” Trump has spent at least 90 days at Trump’s golf properties since becoming president. Detractors are writing on social media that taxpayers are literally paying for Trump to spend plenty of his presidency to play golf, even as some Americans are working harder to survive.

The new trees that have been planted are causing plenty of consternation on Twitter, with some conservatives writing that the new trees should make liberal conservationists happy, while others are writing that President Trump should allegedly stop trying to hide his golf outings, because the public deserves a right to know how much their commander golfs.