Prince Harry Was Only 6 When ‘America’ Popped Out Of His Astrology Chart, Claims Princess Diana’s Astrologer

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From what Astrologer Debbie Frank is saying, Princess Diana put a lot of stock in her astrologer, who happens to have been Frank. She claims they often talked about personal things such as Diana’s concerns over her boys Prince William and Prince Harry. The last time they talked, Astrologer Debbie Frank said that Diana was worried that Harry would be stuck in the shadow of his older brother William.

According to Frank, she said Diana wanted Harry to find his own way by making a path for himself that would get him out of the shadow cast by his older brother William. Frank said that when Harry was only six years old, she found America on his star chart, according to the Express.

The Daily Star reports that “Princess Diana was thrilled when she looked into Harry’s future and saw a connection with America,” which is what the astrologer just recently revealed. Now, many years later it turns out that connection with America is Harry’s “Californian fiancee.”

Diana didn’t take the star chart’s connection with America as marriage, she thought Harry would go to college in the U.S., possibly Harvard. Frank helped Diana with her boys’ charts from 1989 until the year of her fatal crash in 1997. They either talked by phone or met for lunch in restaurants around London.

She believes that “America” popping out on the chart was referring to Harry’s future with Meghan Markle. As far as Harry doing things his own way and making that path, Frank believes Harry has done just that with his proposal to Meghan Markle. It was about a year after Princess Diana and Frank met that Diana asked her to read charts for both her boys.

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry
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When Diana talked about Harry, she had a “giggle” and “a glint in her eye,” Frank said. She knew Harry had a lot of energy and she also felt that conforming to real life was not going to be easy for her. Diana also worried that Harry would lose that “naughty” and “mischievous” side that made him Harry.

Frank believes that Harry would make his mom so proud of who he has become. She also believes that Princess Diana would have filled the gap for Meghan Markle with her mother being thousands of miles away. The other piece to Harry’s recent decision that would make Diana thrilled is Harry shunning royal tradition of not getting married on a weekday, as he is planning to marry Meghan on a Saturday.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry
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The location that Harry has picked is also out of the realm of royal tradition. The couple will be saying their nuptials at St.George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Most of all Diana would be thrilled that Harry was marrying the woman he wants to marry and she would admire Harry for bringing Meghan home to the Royals as his intended bride.

While this story seems lighthearted and rather upbeat, there are some comments on the Express article from people who aren’t buying this. One comment suggests that if Frank worked with Diana up until her death, you would think she would “warn her if she was actually psychic.”

Frank doesn’t claim to be “psychic,” she’s an astrologer, but others asked why she didn’t see a tunnel in her star chart. Then there were others who refused to swallow this “dribble” about a star chart for Harry predicting he will meet someone from across the pond almost three decades into the future.