Gwen Stefani Reveals Her Secret Beauty Tips That Have Made Her A Style Icon

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Beauty icon Gwen Stefani has always been cool. From her days as the frontwoman of No Doubt to her current solo holiday album You Make It Feel Like Christmas, girls around the world have wanted to copy the singer’s look. Luckily, Stefani is sharing some of her favorite beauty tips and tricks that you need to know to look like the Revlon global brand ambassador.

Revlon, Revlon, Revlon

In an interview with Elle UK magazine, Stefani revealed that she has all of the Super Lustrous Lipsticks from Revlon, and it’s no surprise that red is her favorite. She says it’s fun working with the cosmetics brand because they give her tons of makeup and she gets to wear colors she never thought she would.

“I would always normally go for a blue red, but it’s been fun to explore all the different colors,” said Stefani.

The 48-year-old says that her favorite shade is the classic Cherries in the Snow because it has been around forever and is real “old school” red.

Stay Out Of The Sun

When it comes to the best beauty tip she ever received, Stefani says it was “stay out of the sun.” Being from California, the mom of three says it was difficult for her to avoid the sun when she was a kid, but by her twenties, she was good about protecting her skin.

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She says you can definitely see the sun’s effects when you get older, and when you see them, it’s easy to ask why you would do that to yourself.

Stefani Was Inspired By Her Aunt

Stefani also revealed that her dad’s sister had a lot of impact when it comes to makeup, and she takes after her because she likes to wear full blown lashes. She said she has always been passionate about hair and makeup, and prefers vintage looks from the 60s and 70s, adding that when she was a coach on The Voice, it was fun to create those looks.


On the subject of tired skin, Stefani says the best remedy is sleep. But, if that’s not an option and you are working a long day, it’s good to start over by washing all the makeup off and getting the fresh face feeling. Then reapply, because it looks and feels better.

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At the end of the day, she says to make sure you take all of your makeup completely off and let your face breath. The key is keeping it clean at night.

Spiritual Fitness

Stefani also talked about fitness and said that spiritual fitness is just as important as physical exercise. She says spiritual exercise is something she does all day, everyday, and it has gotten her to where she is. She only does physical exercise when she has the time.

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She Has Mastered Everyday Fashion Too

According to the Daily Mail, while traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport recently, the “Hollaback Girl” rocked a casual look with an orange and black sweater, and oversized gray bomber jacket, and jeans. She still looked as beautiful as always with her platinum blonde hair and bold red lipstick.

The singer was on her way to Dubai to perform at a private show for the launch of the new Renaissance Hotel.

At the end of her concert, TMZ reports the style icon did a huge favor for a fan who is also a young fashion designer, by modeling her jacket on stage.

Gwen Stefani and her three boys recently spent the holidays with Blake Shelton in L.A. and in Oklahoma.