Wolf Moon: New Year’s Supermoon Will Light Up the Sky And Be Visible For All To See

Look out for the Wolf moon on New Year’s night; it comes on the heels of the New Year and all the fireworks and pomp it brings with it. The Wolf moon will be January’s first full moon of the 2018 year and will be followed by another supermoon, this one called a Blue Moon, on January 31.

Some superstitions say that a Wolf moon will bring good luck to those planting, starting a courtship, a business or a trip. It will be especially lucky since it is said that seeing the new moon on a Monday will bring you good luck. Though it can also mean bad luck if you view the moon through glass objects or trees, even pointing at it directly isn’t suggested, unless you want a year of bad luck.

The Wolf moon was aptly named due to it usually occurring in midwinter and “wolf packs howled hungrily outside Native American villages.” It is also known as the moon after Yule, reaching a fullness at 9:24 p.m. EST and will be at its closest point to Earth at 4.5 hours earlier at 5:00 p.m. EST, this is known as “perigee.”

The Blue moon at the end of the month will be the second supermoon in just one month and brings with it a lunar eclipse. “If skies are clear, the total eclipse will be visible from eastern Asia across the Pacific Ocean to western North America.” Having two supermooons in one month usually happens every 2-and-a-half-years and a blue moon is often rarer when it’s a supermoon as well.

The best time to see the full supermoon is right after moonrise, you can also check out timeanddate.com, they provide a good way of checking out the right times to get outside and watch from your part of the world. Happy viewing!


Did you see it? Didn’t catch that magnificent sight? Maybe you had to get to bed early or didn’t have a chance to take a stroll outside? Here are some beautiful images from January 1st of the Wolf moon that you may have missed, check them out below.

Supermoon Rises Over Wells
WELLS, ENGLAND - JANUARY 01: Featured image credit: Matt Cardy/StringerGetty Images