Prince William And Kate Middleton Are ‘Very Passionate’ In Private According To Body Language Experts

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Between Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding, royal fever is officially taking over. Although it is easy to see the newfound love that Harry and Markle share, it is harder to get a good read on William and Middleton’s romance. Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge avoid displaying their love in public, body language experts believe they are very passionate behind closed doors.

Inside William And Middleton’s Private Marriage

According to Elite Daily, Patti Wood, who penned the book, Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma, believes that William and Middleton are very affectionate in private and make each other laugh. The couple does not show affection in public very often, but when they do their actions tell a larger story.

For instance, Wood studied a recent photo of William and Middleton laughing in public. Wood noticed that in the photo, the pair is standing overlapped and are basically mirroring each other’s reactions. For Wood, this is a clear indication that William and Middleton care a lot for each other and share a strong bond in private.

“If you look at their smiles, all the way up from their chin to their foreheads, they are a match and mirror for each other…” Wood explained. “That level of matching and mirroring in a couple — especially with joyful moments — shows that they caught together often and that they care for and love each other.”

Are William And Middleton Passionate Behind Closed Doors?

Wood also believes that William and Middleton’s body language shows that they are passionate in private. Wood says that the two tend to angle their bodies towards one another in public. Even though they are not making contact, Wood interprets this as the so-called “love V,” which indicates a passionate love connection.

While the two are more reserved in front of the cameras, Wood concluded her analysis by saying they have a healthy and strong marriage. With Harry getting ready to tie the knot with Markle in a few months, we can only hope that they share a similar bond.

Middleton And William Show Off Their Affection

Although William and Middleton rarely show affection in public, International Business Times reports that they held hands during their annual Christmas day outing. The two were spotted making their way to church with the rest of the royal family — including Harry and Markle — and, in a rare moment, actually held hands.

Middleton wore a festive jacket for the outing, showing off her baby bump in the process, while William kept things simple in a dark blue coat. Also in attendance at the event were Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

The outing came a day after Markle spent Christmas eve with the royal family at their estate in Sandringham. It isn’t clear what sparked William and Middleton’s sudden act of PDA, but AOL reported that Harry’s heated romance with Markle may have been the catalyst. After all, Markle just spent the week getting to know Prince William and Kate Middleton and there is a good chance her romance with Harry was a factor.