Paris Jackson Puts Long Legs On Display In Printed Hot Pants During Los Angeles Outing

Richard Shotwell/InvisionAP Images

Paris Jackson was photographed wearing printed hot pants that showed off her long legs while running some errands in Los Angeles.

Daily Mail tweeted an image of Paris Jackson in the printed hot pants that was teamed with a tie-dye Tupac T-shirt. The images that give a glimpse of what Michael Jackson’s daughter was wearing can be seen in the Twitter post below. She had her hair down with an orange beanie covering her head and also had on grungy Vans high-top tennis shoes. The look was accessorized with layers of several necklaces and bracelets. Her stylish backpack was dark orange and matched her beanie.

According to the report, the 19-year-old was running errands when she was photographed in her hot pants. Paris went shopping at a pharmacy where she bought acne cream.

Page Six reported in May that Paris Jackson landed a seven-figure deal to be the face of Calvin Klein. She was also cast in a Charlize Theron film from Amazon Studios, alongside Amanda Seyfried, Joel Edgerton, and Thandie Newton.

As Daily Mail notes in other news related to Paris, she’s reportedly “growing close” to model Cara Delevingne. The two friends have been “hanging out” after “hitting it off at the MTV Movie Awards” that were held in May. A photo of them at a Christmas market last week was posted on Paris’ Instagram account. It showed them holding stuffed white doves and Paris captioned the image with lyrics from “Christmas Star” by John Williams, a song famous for playing in Home Alone 2.

Paris Jackson captioned the photo, “Midnight stars, they sail the sky in silence. Hearing all they see, are they hearing me? Christmas star, you watch the world so wisely; at my journey’s end, will you be my true friend.”

Paris has visited Cara in Italy and the Czech Republic during the filming of Carnival Row, a television project she’s working on. Jackson and Delevingne have also enjoyed time together in different cities around Europe.

Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne share a strong bond that’s rooted in their love for music. Cara is said to be a huge fan of Paris’ father. The pair were seen together when they were leaving a nightclub in Dalston through a fire exit. It happened three months after Cara broke up with St. Vincent and Paris broke up with her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, last February.