Irate ‘LPBW’ Fan Calls Jacob Roloff A ‘Fool,’ An ‘Idiot,’ And A ‘Snot Nose Brat’ After Amy Shares Photo Of Son

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Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel Rock are back from their Christmas vacation and mom Amy showed her delight by posting a photo of her youngest son. Unfortunately, one particular fan couldn’t hide her dislike for Jacob because of his controversial exit from Little People, Big World a few years ago.

Amy posted a couple of photos on Instagram and Facebook, with one showing Luna, Moose, and Felix, three of the Roloff family’s pet dogs, just hanging out together. Amy said Luna and Moose were excited to see Jacob and Izzy back home from their week-long vacation. Luna was especially happy as seen in the other photo Amy posted. As pointed out by one fan in the comments section, it seems like Amy took Luna and Moose in while Jacob and Izzy spent Christmas in Iceland.

Unfortunately, the adorable photos, highlighted by the one of Jacob reuniting with his dog Luna, garnered some negative criticisms from one supposed fan of Little People, Big World, who’s notorious for spewing negativity on Amy’s posts and for engaging other followers in heated arguments.

“I know he is your son but Jacob tore up the show and his family,” said a follower who goes by maria_addictive. “He is home freeloading because what he thought he was going to do, he failed. A Mother’s love but I think he is a load.”

Of course, true fans of the Roloff family came to Jacob’s defense.

“I’m sure he will be working on the farm not freeloading,” said a certain mimigrammie3. “He is their son. Children don’t freeload. He is young. He did what he thought he needed to do. God is the judge NOT you. Do you have children? Poor children if you do.”

“Just curious if what Jacob does or does not do effects [sic] you,” asked joannatm. “You seem very judgmental for something and someone that you probably have never met and never will! What he does with his life is none of your business, unless you are paying for it. Be happy for him instead of negative.”

The critical follower continued her attack on Jacob, saying he was no longer a child “when he made those nasty remarks about his entire family and their show.”

“In life you apologize for your stupidity,” said maria_addictive. “Not judging, stating facts. He is young is not an excuse for his behavior. God doesn’t have anything to do with this idiot.”

One fan tried to turn the tables on her by pointing out that her behavior does not reflect her age and supposed maturity at all.

“Age is obviously not an excuse for rude behavior as your comments have shown,” said C2tromp. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

“I will say whatever I want to say whenever I want to say something,” answered the critic. “You should not say anything if what I say bothers you. Your stupid remark is not changing my mind. Jacob acted the fool for a long time and I will never approve of him again.”

Another fan pointed out that Jacob could’ve said his apologies to the rest of the Roloff family in private. She also noted that Jacob has been in a number of photos with the family, so things are good with everyone.

“I wonder what your grandkids would say if they saw you talking crap about a 20-year-old boy on a social media app,” asked dd777diana. “Get a life, please or just focus on your own a bit more: you have no idea how this family has mended things and come a long way.”

“You are an idiot,” answered maria_addictive. “I am not a grandma and you don’t know how to read a social media page. He is a millennium [sic] and only cares for himself. What he was up to didn’t work out. He thought he was going to be a big deal but he is nothing but a snot nose brat.”

The back and forth between followers was not the only controversial thing surrounding Amy’s innocent post of his son Jacob and their pet dogs.

Amy also got some negative comments about her relationship with Chris Marek. On her Facebook post, one fan said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Amy and Chris got married in the coming year. A few other followers chimed in.

“How terrific would that be to see Amy & Chris get married next year,” said one fan. “Love looks good on her!”

“She will, if she wants to,” another fan said. “You have no say.”

A certain Pat Jones is clearly not a fan of Chris, whom she claimed was not really into Amy.

“He’s a loser,” Jones said. “Just using her.”

Another fan came to the couple’s defense, saying Amy is happy and their relationship is not her business.

Most followers were happy for Amy as the reality TV star welcomed Jacob and Izzy back home after the young couple spent some time absorbing the beauty of Reykjavik and other tourist spots in Iceland. Some fans also wondered if Jacob will be back in the show.

“It is good to see Jacob back,” said one fan. “Will he be in any episodes for [the] new season?”

Incidentally, Jacob apparently triggered another rumor involving him and one of his sisters-in-law. Rumor has it that all is not well between Jacob and Audrey, Jeremy’s wife. This started after Jacob apparently unfollowed Audrey on Instagram, as Cafe Mom reported.