Stan Lee Seeks Justice Over Stolen $300K Check, Believes It Was An Inside Job

Alberto E. RodriquezGetty Images

Someone dipped into one of Stan Lee’s accounts, taking $300,000, and he wants it back. The Spiderman creator, who just turned 95 this week, filed a police report this week after money was discovered missing. according to TMZ.

It reportedly took some digging but money managers for Lee found a check drawn on one of the Marvel icon’s accounts. The check was written from an account belonging to SL Productions. It was made out to Hands of Respect LLC and based on a note written on the check, it was a loan. The check was dated October 4, 2017.

The check looks to be signed by Lee himself. However, those close to him say that the signature does not look authentic. Lee denies writing the check and also says that he did not authorize money to be withdrawn from that account for a loan to Hands of Respect.

Unfortunately, Stan Lee didn’t loan money to his own charity, Hands of Respect. Now he and the Beverly Hills police department are trying to figure out who is responsible for the missing money. The department has just begun to investigate, according to The Blast. Much is still not known about who is responsible and how they pulled it off. Detectives are reportedly still filing search warrants and gathering information that they need in order to investigate.

Stan Lee and those investigating the check reportedly believe that Lee is a victim of fraud. They also believe that the fraudulent check was written by someone within the foundation and had planned on keeping the payment for themselves. If Lee and investigators have any idea who it is, they haven’t revealed that information yet.

News of Lee’s police report came just one day after the comic book legend turned 95-years-old. Age certainly hasn’t slowed him down though. Stan Lee still cameos in all of the Marvel movies. Fans can expect to see him again in 2018 when Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-man and the Wasp hit theaters. He also made a Jeopardy cameo this week where he gave clues for a category about himself and his amazing legacy.